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Mar 02

7 of the Best Travel Apps via @insidetravellab


Travel Has Changed

It’s hard to believe that when I started travelling, not only did we not have apps but we barely had mobile phones. Paper was the name of the game in terms of both books and maps and for a while there (don’t laugh, sweet youngsters) we had to wait to get paper tickets through the post.

Now, though, you can hold the entire history and philosophy of mankind in the palm of your hand as long as you’ve a power supply and an internet connection to keep you company.

Perhaps more usefully, you can hold train timetables as well.

I’m often asked at interview what one thing I’d never leave home without and I pretty much always answer “my mobile phone.” (I also wonder how anyone travels with only one item when leaving without the wallet ‘n’ keys combo tends to seriously derail the day. But I digress.)

Away from interview questions, I thought it would be useful to list what I thought were the best travel apps. Few on my list are travel apps in the niche sense but they’re all fantastic and I use them when I travel all the time. And, as a bonus point, even though there are seven of them, they fit onto a single phone so ha! Stick that in your one item list and smoke it.

Or something less dated. Anyway, enjoy!

The 7 Best Travel Apps*

1) Evernote

I love Evernote for all sorts of different tasks. Essentially, it consists of notebooks that you can organise with notes that can be in photo, text or audio form. You can arrange for some of these notebooks to be available offline and can send information into Evernote by email. Hotel reservations? Email straight to Evernote. Airline tickets > Evernote. Backup copy of passport, driving license and the state of the car you hired when you picked it up? Evernote, evernote, evernote.

What’s more, it stores geolocation info as you add notes on the move. So if you are in a city and see something you want to come back to, you can add an audio note there and then and it will store the point on the map for you. Or say you discover a bottle of wine you enjoy? Take a snapshot of the label and you can search the text in Evernote when you get home. Simply genius.

2) TomTom

Oh yes, baby. SatNav on your phone. No need to pay extra when you hire a car. No need to fumble with Google maps or fall into cyberlostworld or the land of extortionate roaming charges if you need to use 3G. Pay for the proper SatNav app up front and spare yourself all that. It can also help you find the nearest petrol station, viewpoint, hospital and so on. TomTom sell a range of different regions but because of where I’m based, I use the Western Europe one the most.

3) Pocket

I’m at the stage when I can hardly remember how my life used to function before I found Pocket. Enter the URL of a web page into Pocket and it will store the article and pictures there for you so that you can read it offline. Perfect for loading up with travel articles and background reading for any train or plane journey en route to your destination.

4) Sleepstream

I’ve written about Sleepstream before, over here on How to Sleep on a Plane. Essentially, sleep doesn’t come easily to me and I only wish I’d discovered this app back when I was a tired and harried junior doctor changing shifts every other day. Sleepstream plays a variety of soothing soundtracks to drown out the background noise of crying babies, outside roadworks, chattering passengers and so on. (Obviously, don’t use it to drown out the sound of your own crying baby.) You can even put it on a timer to prevent all your battery juice draining away. A real sanity saver.

5) Xe Currency

Yes, we should all remember to look up the exchange rate in advance and we should all be able to perform simple sums in our heads. But…Well, we should all be able to cook our own food too and that doesn’t stop us from going out to restaurants…(In case that was too cryptic, Xe currency does all the currency brainwork for you.)

6) Seatguru

This app promises many different things but the part it does the best is living up to its name as a seat guru. A quick consultation on check-in with this handy app and you can be sure you won’t be sat next to the toilet. (Unless that’s the only seat left. In which case, at least you have a while to get used to the idea…) 

7) iBooks & Kindle

I alluded to this at the start, but really. I am still amazed by this. You can have almost any book in the world available to read on your phone. No heavy hardbacks, no time-consuming choice (this always used to slow me down in the bad old packing days.) No having to leave books behind in order to fit in souvenirs/accommodate the confusing law of physics that says that somehow-the-same-pile-of-stuff-will-never-fit-back-into-your-suitcase-the-way-it-did-when-you-first-packed-it-at-home.

Just book after book at your fingertips, on your phone.

So that’s it, that’s my list of the 7 best travel apps. And already I am thinking of more…But before I get to that, what do you think?

What do you think are the best travel apps out there?


*According to me. Drunk on power again…

** Oh and for those apps on this list that aren’t free, I think I get a few pennies if you buy them through these links. Thanks for that!

Top image originally from Shutterstock, text and the rest from me.


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manonthelam March 2, 2014

I’m a big fan of ColorNote for making lists and notes, and TrailWallet for keeping track of expenses.

Vince90 March 2, 2014

BestTravelCoupon.com – This app/site works as a “travel search engine. Similar to Kayak but check the app description for a rate comparison with BTC and Kayak. BTC beat them on close to 95% of searches.

See it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TravelSearchEngine

Another great app is whatsAPP. You can get free texting with this one! Group chats too.

Dan26 March 2, 2014

My favorite has to be whatsAPP too as I find it so reliable of keeping in touch with people

Ellen Smithfield March 3, 2014

One of my favs has to be Simply Declare. I hate scrambling to figure out what I have to declare to the border when we are returning home from anywhere. It’s simple, and I liked the free version enough to upgrade to the paid. Plug in my allowable amount, and add my purchases on the go, no stress and it keeps me in real time exchange rates. I use it for currency exchange before I buy too, so I never get caught.

Pocket is a great one, and I’m also a big fan of whatsAPP to stay in touch with family and friends while abroad. Great list- thanks for sharing!

islandmomma March 6, 2014

Don’t know about the apps but I really would like batteries with longer life to be able to really appreciate all the apps!

silia March 17, 2014

Thank you for sharing the travel apps that you like, i didn’t have any idea about them but i will have a look my self and see if they can also be useful to me Abi, thank you, Silia

MaremmaBlog March 18, 2014

Very useful, thanks!

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