7 Cute Photos of Kangaroos

By Abi King | Australia

Mar 16

Cute Kangaroo PhotosWell, now. I started off with a clever idea. Then a quizzy idea. Then a photoessay idea. And then in the end I realised that the important thing, the part you all want to see when it comes to my liaisons in the long wet grass that surrounds the Great Ocean Road are the kangaroos. The cute kangaroos. The photos of the cute kangaroos.

So, bah, here you are. I give you a day off reading and me a day off writing (only kidding, could I do that?) and I forgo all other pretences and just leave you with:

7 Cute Photos of Kangaroos

Two kangaroos sitting on the grass near the Great Ocean Road

Cute photos of kangaroos

kang7 Cute Photos of Kangaroos hopping in Australia A group of kangaroos in Australia Cute photos of kangaroos

Actually, close up they’re not that cute. The guys in particular are a bit muscly and mean and make a slightly spine-tingling throaty grunty noise. It’s like Jurassic Park meets Roger Rabbit. Anyway, at that point I beat a hasty retreat…

Cute Kangaroo Photos

Disclosure – This road trip along the Great Ocean Road forms part of the #MelbourneTouring project with iAmbassador, Visit Victoria and Visit Melbourne.As ever, as always, I’m free to write whatever I like here on Inside the Travel Lab.

SAM March 16, 2014

…,I wonder if my Shetland Sheepdog would be a good ROO herding dog ?

Those kangaroos are SOOOO cute that I am now “looking” for a reason to adopt a couple (maybe more !)

Thanks for the delightful photographs.


    Abi King April 4, 2014

    I’m not sure if they can be herded or not. The little ones are quite skittish – but that big guy? I’d be concerned about the dog!

Syd March 28, 2014

Okay, even though that one is a bit gnarly looking, most of them are still pretty cute. Even cuddly, you might say…

    Abi King April 4, 2014

    Definitely the little ones. And wallabies too…But that big guy?! I beat a hasty retreat…

jen April 10, 2014

I’m voting for cute. It is strange seeing them close up for the first time – I agree. Particularly when there is a random leg sticking out of the pouch of the mother. Not what we’re used to seeing, but that’s the fun of travel, right?

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