A Merry Swedish Christmas

By Abi King | Christmas Markets and Traditions

Dec 22

Swedish Christmas blondes

Swedish Christmas Hamper


Sugary Sweden

Can sweet hearts, scented soap and cosy candles  tell you everything about a country? Of course not. Can they warm you with simple Christmas cheer? Of course! So, sit back, relax and enjoy – have a very merry Swedish Christmas!


Swedish Christmas chalkboard

Swedish Christmas Pants

Swedish Christmas Beard

Swedish Christmas Photography

Swedish Christmas Market Stall

Swedish Christmas Tins

Swedish Christmas treats

Swedish Christmas Candle

Swedish Christmas Candles

Disclosure – I went to Skäne as a guest of Visit Sweden. All views, words and fika tastings are all my own. As usual…And I wouldn’t write about anything here unless I thought it would be useful and interesting. Otherwise, well, what’s the point?

Susan December 23, 2011

I love these photos. So cheery! They make me want to go (even more) to Sweden!

Abi King December 28, 2011

Yep, there’s such a feel-good factor to their decorations. Hearts and warmth everywhere. I loved it.

JoAnna December 30, 2011

These are absolutely gorgeous photos, Abi. I really want to visit the Christmas markets some year, though I am a bit curious about the funky boxer shorts.

    Abi King February 3, 2012

    Ha! Aren’t they great? It seemed such a curious mix…Sweet hearts and sugar combined with some very racy Christmas clothes…Those boxers were just the start!

Gayla~ December 8, 2012

The warm lights and cheery reds make for a magical wintry scene and just the idea of glögg med pepparkakor puts me in a festive holiday mood! Not too sure about those undies, though :-)
Very nice photos.

    Abi King December 11, 2012

    No…those undies clash two very different ideas in my mind! The glogg remains great, though ;-)

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