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Alchemy in Cologne: Three Golden Liquids, One Colourful City

Cologne from the Kölntriangle

One put Cologne on the map, the other keeps children happy, but it’s the third that forms the lifeblood of Germany’s most colourful city. This series explores a city in flux, through Cologne’s three extraordinary liquids.

Inside Cologne

Hearts Over Cologne

From the Kölntriangle tower, Cologne seems a sturdy, serious place. The Hohenzollernbrücke Bridge delivers trains straight into the centre of this industrial town and passengers step out into the shadow of the world’s tallest building. Well, it was in 1880, anyway. The Dom, the cathedral of Cologne , gives a feeling of solidity, of permanence. A tough guy stance that says, “Do your worst. We can take it. We’ll always be here.”

Postcards showing the Dom as the last soldier standing in the dust of World War Two back that up. So, too, do the excavations that keep unearthing mosaics from ancient Rome in the basements and bars of the city.

Yet despite first appearances, Cologne is actually a city of reinvention. A city of colour, of tolerance and of knowing how to have fun. Thousands take to the streets for carnival each spring, while cafes and bars cuddle up close every day in the rainbow-coloured Old Quarter.

Hey, the city even turned one of the world’s most frivolous products into a heavyweight legend. Splash on some cologne and get ready to have a good time in the city of the same name. Starting, of course, at No 4 Glockengasse, home of the original Eau de Cologne.

To be continued…

Cologne – From the top of hte Kolntriangle Tower

Cologne’s Cafes

Cologne Cathedral’s Colourful Stained Glass

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