IceHotel Sweden Door

At The Doors of the Ice Hotel

I’m here at the Ice Hotel Sweden. And I’m going in… Tune in on the […]

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Leaving Antigua against a purple sky as the sun’s final shards pierce

On The Road… Leaving Antigua against a purple sky as the sun’s final shards pierce […]

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British Virgin Islands from Sky

From Tropical Sun to the Ice Hotel

Lay out your sleeping bag on the reindeer skin… Sometimes I just love this adventure […]

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The Importance of Doing Nothing

For two hours now, I’ve watched the waves curl one across the other in a […]

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Slavery in Barbados

Elite Island Hopping in the Caribbean

Well, every job has its downsides as they say. After a month of scrunched up […]

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Reed Flute Finale

13 Things Travel Taught Me in 2013

Sometimes I feel very lucky. Lucky to have been born in a certain part of […]

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And To All A Good Night…

For the last couple of years I spent December beneath the sparkling lights of the […]

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Tea in China

Facing the Dragon: China Now And Then

Climbing the Dragon’s Spine, China It curved and clawed away from me as I stared […]

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In India: Learn as if you were to live forever…

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live […]

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Swedish Christmas Candles

Need A Dose of Christmas Cheer?

Twas the night quite a few weeks before Christmas and all through the house, Not […]

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The Soweto Mandela Leaves Behind

A boy kicks a football in the red, barren dust. A cloud of burned, breathless […]

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Blue and yellow boat in Brunei

Introducing Brunei…

Reflections from one small country to another… So here we are again, floating in that […]

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Can You Tell What It Is Yet? A Crucial Animal Quiz in Australia

G’day readers. I’m in Australia, and after a couple of super city slick days in […]

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Hitting the Road: The Great Ocean Road

It’s a blasphemous journey I’m about to embark upon. “There aren’t twelve apostles,” for a […]

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Reed Flute Cave Blue

The Reed Flute Caves, Guilin, China

Sometimes, it’s best to let the pictures do the talking. When it comes to caves, […]

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Why Colour Still Matters in Cape Town

When it comes to colour in South Africa, perhaps there’s no better place to start […]

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Melbourne and the Big Bad Mo

Barely a full moon ago, I wrote about the importance of a woman’s hair, sparked […]

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Central Amalfi

When Life Hands You Lemons…

Lemons. They’re all over the place in the narrow streets of olive and stone-soaked Amalfi. […]

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Upper House Orchid

The Upper House, Hong Kong: A Luxury Hideaway With Views of the City

Hong Kong excels at two levels: on the ground amid the colours, the chaos, and […]

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South African Lion 900

After South Africa

Dust in red still stains my shoes And drumbeats soothe my sleepless senses I am […]

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