The Broken Chair Memorial for Landmine Victims, Geneva

By Abi King | Make Me Think

Mar 20

Broken Chair, Place des Nations

Memorial for Landmine Victims

The Broken Chair jolts out of the dreary Place des Nations in Geneva. Surrounded by steady traffic and standing opposite the European UN Headquarters, I found its size, odd rust-green colour and geometrical imbalance surprisingly fascinating.

Broken Chair was commissioned by Handicap International to help persuade governments to ban landmines.

Broken Chair, Outside the European UN Headquarters


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ciki March 20, 2010

beautiful yet disturbing. it has an uncanny resemblance to an actual human leg. i think sometimes such a poignant image needs to be there to condemn mine use, promote public awareness and debate on the mine issue. Good that it is a reminder to keep generating media attention. thanks for sharing!

Lucia March 20, 2010

Very interesting and striking. Is it a permanent installation?

Abi March 22, 2010

Thanks Ciki – I agree.
Lucia – permanent, I believe. It’s been there since 1997 but I’m not sure what the plans are for its future…

Dave and Deb March 27, 2010

Very interesting installation. Having visited Cambodia, we witnessed many children and adults alike that had been affected by landmines. They are so destructive and still need media attention. It is interesting how for awhile there it was all over the media and now we hear very little about landmines and yet…people are still being maimed and killed by them. Thanks for bringing it to our attention again.

    Abi March 30, 2010

    I agree, I’ve certainly heard less about them recently – and yet they are still a big problem in Cambodia and across the world. Thanks for stopping by, hope you find something else that interests you.

Melvin September 2, 2010

They should put it in front of the Mercedes Headquarter… they own a major land mining factory!

    Abi King September 3, 2010

    That would be interesting!

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