The Endangered Quoll

By Abi King | Australia

Nov 27

GOEL pic

G’day readers. I’m in Australia, and after a couple of super city slick days in Melbourne I’ve moved out to the countryside along the Great Ocean Road. As I write this now, I’m gazing across eucalyptus trees, fields, rolling hills, cows, lakes and sparse white farm houses.

But earlier in the day, I saw one of these:
Spotted quoll

And, getting into the spirit of the country, I thought I’d ask whether you could tell what it is yet? Since I can’t draw, I’ll use the photos and a smattering of facts to give you all the clues you’ll need. Here goes:

It’s a marsupial (carries young in its pouch)

–       Captain Cook collected them

–       It climbs trees

–       It’s nocturnal

–       It has the second strongest jaw bite in the world

–       Their idea of social interaction involves adding droppings to a pile of other droppings

–       They’re a threatened species whose numbers are falling year on year

–       Volunteers train their dogs to recognise their droppings and to help environmental research

So, can you tell what it is yet?!



Info – I’m driving along the Great Ocean Road as part of an iAmbassador project with Visit Melbourne and Visit Victoria. I spotted this fellow at the Great Ocean EcoLodge.

Psst: the answers in the comments were right. It’s the endangered quoll.

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