The Endangered Quoll Answers to a former quiz

By Abi King | Australia

Nov 27

GOEL pic

G’day readers. I’m in Australia, and after a couple of super city slick days in Melbourne I’ve moved out to the countryside along the Great Ocean Road. As I write this now, I’m gazing across eucalyptus trees, fields, rolling hills, cows, lakes and sparse white farm houses.

But earlier in the day, I saw one of these:
Spotted quoll

And, getting into the spirit of the country, I thought I’d ask whether you could tell what it is yet? Since I can’t draw, I’ll use the photos and a smattering of facts to give you all the clues you’ll need. Here goes:

It’s a marsupial (carries young in its pouch)

–       Captain Cook collected them

–       It climbs trees

–       It’s nocturnal

–       It has the second strongest jaw bite in the world

–       Their idea of social interaction involves adding droppings to a pile of other droppings

–       They’re a threatened species whose numbers are falling year on year

–       Volunteers train their dogs to recognise their droppings and to help environmental research

So, can you tell what it is yet?!



Info – I’m driving along the Great Ocean Road as part of an iAmbassador project with Visit Melbourne and Visit Victoria. I spotted this fellow at the Great Ocean EcoLodge.

Psst: the answers in the comments were right. It’s the endangered quoll.


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SAM November 27, 2013

Looks and sounds like a Tasmanian Devil to me…

Abi you are taking waaay back to the early morning cartoons of childhood
and the high school geography classes where I acquired my passion
for wildlife, travel, etc.

I have never forgotten about Audtalias strange and wonderfully different and unusual animals, beautiful birds and amazing topography, etc.

Keep the excellent photographs, quizzes and memories coming.


Patricia King November 28, 2013

I think it’s a tiger quoll. Don’t like the look of those teeth!

Traveldudes November 28, 2013

It’s a devil! :)

themagicoftravel November 30, 2013

looks like a type of Quoll to me :)…being from Tasmania and seeing Tasmania Devils, it is not a devil , especially as they only live in Tasmania :) oh have fun on your road trip :) I am excited to finish my 6 month Central American adventure and get home :)

SAM December 1, 2013

I believe that Patricia and your Kiwi reader have indeed properly identified this marsupial as a type of quoll for the reasons stated. Although
I initially deemed your fellow to be a
Tasmanian devil, I was not certain that they were limited to Tasmania,and was somewhat tentative about the spots.

I truly enjoyed this exercise.

Perhaps you might consider making exotic animal quizzes a regular feature of your blog if enough of your
readers feel the same way about this

Bahrein is certainly blessed with a plethora of diverse, unique, and interesting creatures.

Happy travels.

Gayla December 5, 2013

What a cute creature. I think it may be a devil, based on the info listed…or do other marsupials do that droppings on a pile of droppings thing ;-)
I like this quiz! It’s a fun way to learn new things.

Abi King December 11, 2013

Ooh – glad the quiz is popular. I love doing them and making you all think!! ;-) Yes, the answer is indeed a quoll (but the only creature that has a more powerful bite is the Tasmanian Devil so those answers were pretty good.)

Melissa December 11, 2013

I’d never even heard of a quoll. *Heads to Google* It’s a cute creature, although I wouldn’t want to get too close given the powerful jaw. Thanks for the fun facts!

Jennifer Steck December 12, 2013

A quoll? Learned something new today. I would have guessed the Tasmanian devil. What a great trip!!

Jam Icosnap (@icoSnap) December 16, 2013

I don’t know what it is, honestly it’s the first time I have seen this cute creature. *just saw the comment earlier, tiger quoll… I’m going to google it now.

Hogga December 16, 2013

all that matters to me is how cute it is

Ross January 7, 2014

Great idea. I never even heard of the quoll and I spent a few weeks in Australia and Tasmania (and saw the devils of course). Something new everyday.

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