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Table Top Dancing in A Soulful Way

This is Table Mountain, Cape Town. One of Africa’s most iconic landmarks, one of Africa’s […]

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The Soweto Mandela Leaves Behind

A boy kicks a football in the red, barren dust. A cloud of burned, breathless […]

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Why Colour Still Matters in Cape Town

When it comes to colour in South Africa, perhaps there’s no better place to start […]

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South African Lion 900

After South Africa

Dust in red still stains my shoes And drumbeats soothe my sleepless senses I am […]

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Jozi Orlando Towers

Johannesburg: May I Call You Jozi?

First of all, I’m sorry. I heard some bad things about you. More than once […]

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Apartheid Memorial in Liliesleaf, where Mandela once lived & was betrayed

On The Road… Apartheid Memorial in Liliesleaf, where Mandela once lived & was betrayed Zoom…These […]

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The rules of Apartheid: now decorating the inside of a toilet bowl in Maboneng

On The Road… The rules of Apartheid: now decorating the inside of a toilet bowl […]

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Where Mandela gave his first main speech as a free man.

On The Road… Where Mandela gave his first main speech as a free man. Zoom…These […]

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Cape Town Rainbow

Why South Africa Is Called the Rainbow Nation

Why South Africa is called the Rainbow Nation I’m in South Africa right now and […]

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Oh Egypt

Cairo I knew that change was coming; I never dreamed it would be this bad. […]

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Martyr Paintings Tahrir Square

Tahrir Square Last Month, Egypt

This photo shows an ancient Egyptian monument in front of the burnt-out remains of the […]

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Doorways into Egypt

Egypt: One of History’s Greatest Jigsaw Puzzles

Aswan For over two thousand years people have stood where I’m standing now. And yet […]

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The Sphinx in 1900

The Two Sides of Egypt

When I close my eyes, I see two sides of Egypt. No, wait a moment, […]

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Overlooking beach in Barbados

Standing Alone on Slavery, Barbados

The problem, if you happened to be a slave owner, was that slaves just kept on dying. It was bad for business. Arguably, this also caused problems if you happened to be a slave, but…

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Breathing In the Atlas Mountains

Sometimes I dream that I am falling. Apparently, everyone does. But more often than that…

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Driving in Morocco

Driving in Morocco

It’s an inauspicious start. No map. No SatNav. No cash – my very last dihram cleared out by the unexpected fuel charge.

No internet access to check the route. No signal on my iPhone. Just a pen, a scrap of paper and a hastily scribbled map, uneven streaks of biro connecting Moroccan towns that appeared on a picture in the hotel lobby.

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Private island profiling

Sleeping Inside A Volcano – Desroches: A Private Island in the Seychelles

The sand I’m standing on is soft and bleached, the type that squeaks beneath your soles if you walk too fast.

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Pink rose in HIppocampe Hotel Morocco

The Dry Side of Morocco

So much of Morocco reminds me of Andalucia. The heat, the orange-red earth, the metal lanterns, intricate tiles…

Both, too, wear a mixture of myth and mystery…

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Beautiful women in Maun

Art in Botswana

I found this beautiful image in the well-trodden yet overlooked town of Maun in Botswana, southern Africa. The town sits at the edge of the Okavango Delta and pilots, tourists and enterprising locals buzz around the small airstrip, restless to leave Maun behind and to let nautre brandish the blues and greens of the Delta beneath them.

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Keep Going - Birds over Okavango

Easter & The Birds of the Okavango Delta

I’m never quite sure what to say when Easter swings around. It sashays onto the calendar in many parts of the world, yet it’s interpreted in so many different ways. As a time for sorrow, prayer and then jubilation. As a time for eating a lot of chocolate and trying not to cheat when playing hunt-the-eggs…

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