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Found in the south, right next to Namibia, Botswana is probably best known for being the home of the Okavango Delta (and perhaps also the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency Series.) It’s big, it’s beautiful, it has a low volume high cost tourism policy. It’s definitely worth seeing…read on for more.

Beautiful women in Maun

Art in Botswana

I found this beautiful image in the well-trodden yet overlooked town of Maun in Botswana, southern Africa. The town sits at the edge of the Okavango Delta and pilots, tourists and enterprising locals buzz around the small airstrip, restless to leave Maun behind and to let nautre brandish the blues and greens of the Delta beneath them.

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Keep Going - Birds over Okavango

Easter & The Birds of the Okavango Delta

I’m never quite sure what to say when Easter swings around. It sashays onto the calendar in many parts of the world, yet it’s interpreted in so many different ways. As a time for sorrow, prayer and then jubilation. As a time for eating a lot of chocolate and trying not to cheat when playing hunt-the-eggs…

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The Okavango Delta – On Video

In the world’s largest delta, transport takes place on water. While a few motorised boats cruise along the main waterway, to travel through the reeds, you still need a traditional mokoro…

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Elephants in the Okavango Delta

Bringing you Elephants from the Air. Simply one of the most amazing moments in my life.

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Zebras in the Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

What the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana lacks in fame, it makes up for in undisturbed viewing opportunities. Here’s one of my favourite shots of…

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Camouflage in Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

I’m offline in the ice of Alaska at the moment (I know, poor me) – but here’s a photo for now: an impala in the Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

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Mokoros lined up in the Okavango Delta after a safari, Botswana

Okavango Safari: Arranging a Mokoro Safari in Botswana’s Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta in Botswana (the largest delta in the world) is home to elephants, impala, giraffe, hippos and warthogs aplenty. Its watery nature means that there are virtually no roads – so the only ways of getting around are by boat or by plane.

Both versions will give you a truly amazing experience…

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The Safari Symphony- The Okavango Delta, Botswana

Despite the stillness of the water, there’s no sound of silence. Insects skim across the reeds with a soft buzz and woodpeckers…

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The Okavango Delta From the Air

The world’s largest inland delta, the Okavango Delta in Botswana, from the sky

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Drifting Along the World’s Largest Delta

The Okavango Delta is the world’s largest inland delta. Between reeds and palm trees, “the […]

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