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Currency: Dirham

Language: Arabic & French

Best way of getting around: Independent driving, driving with a guide or travelling by bus.

Highlight: the stunning Atlas Mountains

Travel tip: Prepare for chaos on the roads and bring your own maps. Sat nav can be hard to come by.

Dress Code: Conservative and cool. Think cotton long sleeves, long trousers and a cotton scarf to protect against the heat and wind in the dessert and the cold high up in the mountains.

Unusual highlight: Just how much blue there is on the coast

Travel to Morocco

In Morocco, the colours dazzle. Market places, in particular, fire up my photoreceptors faster than I can manage to take photos. The almighty sands of the Sahara are rippled and mysterious, whether you navigate them by camel or by sandboard. Driving through this varied, dusty terrain is also quite an experience (well, if you can get the car started).

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