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nsidetravellab at Riviera Maya

Holy Smoke. A Mayan Massage in Mexico

A priest. A still-beating heart. Blood flowing down sacrificial steps until it flooded the ground some 30 metres below.

That’s my first mental image of Mayan culture, the…

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Playa Maya beach with boat

Sunday Soothing – The Shores of Playa Maya

Sometimes, you need to take the time to stop. To pause for breath. To fill your senses with everything that’s beautiful and to let the world’s cares, concerns and curmudgeonly characteristics sit sloppily in a pile to be dealt with tomorrow…

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Plata Tequila Bottle

Tea Time & The Tequila Worm

If travel teaches you anything, it is this: that one man’s hangover-inducing, paint-stripping, memory-erasing spirit shot is another man’s artisanal specialty. Take tequila…

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Beach Thursday Riviera Maya

Introducing Beach Thursday

It’s one of those days. My fingertips are racing across the keyboard, images of cinnamon, chilli spice and chocolate dance through my head and my notebook overfloweth with scribbles of what I have seen. Or, more accurately…

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Abi King in Mexico

Mexico Revisited. What is it like to go back?

Sometimes life has a very sweet symmetry. This weekend I travel to Mexico, to stand […]

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The Curse That Returned, Mexico

There’s something imposing about these giant stone columns, high in the heart of the former Toltec civilization. These warriors reminded me of one Toltec legend in particular, the curse of their former leader Quetzalcoatl.

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