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A Journey Along Alaska’s Maritime Highway

This summer, I was lucky enough to make a solo trip to Alaska. While this wasn’t my first

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Sunsets in the Sunshine State

Here on Inside the Travel Lab, I pride myself on bringing you thought-provoking, thoroughly researched

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bird Sanctuary close up

The Eye of the Ibis – Inside a Bird Sanctuary

Birds. With one stretch of their wings they can soar and glide through the sky with a majesty and freedom that man (and woman) can still only dream of. They are majestic, magnificent and make driving home for Christmas seem insignificant when compared to their staggering migratory paths.

They also freak me out…

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Blue Heaven & Blueberry Pancakes – Brunch in the USA

Great tingling tastebuds, do Americans know about food. Yes, it’s easy to knock the hamburger, the behemoth “sodas” and the rather strangely named corn dog. The portion sizes may overwhelm and…

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Painting sunset in Key West

The Sun Never Sets in Key West

The sun that sets in Key West is not subtle. It flames across the sky, capturing clouds in its blaze of amber, scarlet and peach, drawing their lilac-grey sighs into a resplendent performance…For all the colourful language, it’s true…

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Whale Watching in Alaska

Water. In the space called Frederick Sound, the water waits silently. There’s a

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Market Entrance Sign at Seattle's Pike Place Market in Red Letters

Pike Place Market, Seattle

Seattle’s Pike Place Market has pulled off an outrageously flamboyant version of the American Dream: it’s made selling fish sexy.

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Beneath the Totem Pole: Tlingit Culture in Alaska

It’s a narrow wooden bridge, so when a girl runs past, the reverberations affect us all. She’s a teenager, or maybe older, in classic blue jeans and US sneakers, with flowing blonde hair. A few minutes later I see her again, wrapped in a traditional Tlingit cloak and chanting with her ancestors.

We’ve crossed the bridge to the space outside Chief Shakes’ House, some 1000 miles north of Seattle.

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Shop Street Art Seattle

Street Art in Seattle

Ballard, a northerly neighbourhood of watery Seattle, has a history of seafaring, sailing and shipbuilding. Salmon and Scandinavia are the words you’ll hear around here, in between the neat rows of wooden houses with oh-so-American front porches.

I didn’t find much graffiti, but I did find…

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How Close Can You Get? Icebergs in Alaska

  So simple, so fresh, so utterly amazing. Ice and fire fascinate me at a […]

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Staircase leading into the Walt Disney Concert Centre in Los Angeles

A Dazzling Concert Hall in LA

The dazzling (if incongruously named) Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, designed by Frank Gehry. More on my recent adventures…

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Aurora Borealis: The Northern Lights

Despite studying science, there are a few things that always seem…

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Gold Dust & Magic Mud – A Glacier Tour in Alaska

Bright white and blue – that’s the typical image of a glacier, isn’t it? Milky glacial water, iridescent ice and a sky full of sunshine or perhaps the swirl of falling snow.

The Baird Glacier in southeast Alaska has a rather different chemistry…

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Alaska Without the Clouds – A “Flightseeing” Photostory

I’ll admit it, the very term “Flightseeing” made me flinch a little. It’s right there with staycation, functionality and deplane as the opposite of words that make me smile.

Yet, one glance at the floatplanes walking on water changed my mind…

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New York in the Twenties

These grainy monochrome photos show New York City in the twenties…

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