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Tea in China

Facing the Dragon: China Now And Then

Climbing the Dragon’s Spine, China It curved and clawed away from me as I stared […]

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A man faces China

China Odyssey Tours in Review

Should you travel independently in China? Or is it worth booking a tour? That’s a […]

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Reed Flute Cave Blue

The Reed Flute Caves, Guilin, China

Sometimes, it’s best to let the pictures do the talking. When it comes to caves, […]

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Upper House Orchid

The Upper House, Hong Kong: A Luxury Hideaway With Views of the City

Hong Kong excels at two levels: on the ground amid the colours, the chaos, and […]

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The Importance of A Woman’s Hair, China

In many a culture, the lusciousness of a woman’s locks says something about her status. […]

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Reed Flute Caves, China

Win £3000 With Your Travel Photography

Can You Capture the Colour? It’s back. And it’s even better. This summer, we’re returning […]

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dragon backbone guilin

Walking the Dragon’s Backbone, China

Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be. Let’s leave aside the […]

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The Nightclub Hotel: The Mira Hong Kong Review

Twice I arrived at the Mira, expecting it to be empty; twice I met a […]

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Sunset over a temple in China

Around Asia with Architecture

That gorgeous buttercup-yellow sunset above (over here if you can’t see it on your gadget-y […]

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Buffalo and Yacht Hong Kong

The Beach with the Buffalo, Hong Kong

Lantau, Hong Kong On Lantau Island at the mouth of the Pearl River, the buffalo […]

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Photos From The Road – The #DragonRoute Collection

The #DragonRoute ends – and the write-up begins Images and whispers dance through my mind, […]

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Riding the metro in Hong Kong

Riding the metro in Hong Kong On The Road… Zoom…These pics come straight from my […]

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The layered peaks of Guilin from the Li River

The layered peaks of Guilin from the Li River. I may never tire of this […]

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Wild Swans – Jung Chang

Without a doubt, Wild Swans influenced my travels more than any other book. Detailed, intense and unflinching, it tells the story of girls with bound feet, Mao’s revolution and the famines and doctrines…

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