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Currency: Jordanian dinar (JOD)

Language: Arabic

Best way of getting around: by car with a local driver or guide

Highlight: Petra, without a doubt

Travel tip: Wrap a scarf around your head to protect from the wind, sun and sand in the desert, Bedouin style.

Dress Code: modest but not excessive. Cover shoulders, knees and cleavage and wear layers because it’s hot in the day and cool at night.

Unusual highlight: Floating in the Dead Sea

Travel to Jordan

From the Dead Sea and Wadi Rum to the poetic candlelight at night at Petra, Jordan dazzles with big name sights and great natural beauty. But its real richness comes from its people, from sharing hummus, tabbouleh and pitta bread together and from discovering layers and layers of history that have remarkably resulted in peace in this otherwise tumultuous part of the world.

It’s a country that brings me great joy every time I visit – and one that gives me hope for the future.

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