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Siniyet Kafta early stages Jordanian Food

Jordanian Food: Sumac, Spice & Slice

The older I get, the more I enjoy cooking classes. With an opening statement like that, I’m in danger of

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Petra, Jordan

The Horses of Petra, Jordan

Dust rose from the ground as the horse thundered past and the sun began its ablutions. It painted pinks and pomegranates, amber, pistachio, charcoal and soft apricot rust across the walls of Petra before calling it a day and turning in for an early night…

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Balloon flights wadi rum

Balloon flights: Hot & Cold

Another four am start. Another cold morning. Another walk through darkness and another outstanding experience. […]

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Feynan Eco Lodge Bedouin Sunset

A Night With The Bedouin

Sparks hissed from the fire where we clustered beneath the stars. The group fell silent, waiting for Hussein to finish his story. He sat cross-legged, wearing the traditional thawb and keffiyeh, his deep eyes lined with kohl.

“My darling,” he said, fixing his eyes on the girl in front of him. “Forget the astronomer. Come with me. I’ll show you the stars in the day.”

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Faces of Jordan

Faces of Jordan, Photos of Jordan

On photo Friday, allow me to introduce you to some of the people I met on my recent journey to Jordan. I’ll be writing more about Jordan over the next few weeks but while you’re waiting for those articles, have another look at these photos and see if you can spot the odd one out…Look very, very closely…

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Canyoning picture Wadi Majib

Canyoning – 14 Essential Survival Tips + A Video

Canyoning. Turning a noun into a sport and a canyon into a playground.

This time last year, I’d…

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A Beautiful Moment - Amman Citadel

A Beautiful Moment – And Breaking The Rules

Apparently, it’s bad form to write about sunsets. And even to take photos of them. And even to start sentences with “and” – but right now…

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Chasing My Shadow in the Desert

A Surreal Situation: The Desert At Night

As I type this out, I’m sitting in darkness, my face lit only by the glow of my computer screen. There’s sand beneath my feet

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Petra candlelight

Petra By Night – The Power of a Path Into Darkness

Usually, I manage to find something beautiful, something that moves me wherever I go. But last night, in Petra, that didn’t happen.

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