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Feb 15

Night Golf in Borneo

By Guest Writer | Malaysia

Today’s travel article comes from @Mrtravellab. My golf isn’t good enough to play at night. Or during the day, come to think of it…But, as one consultant surgeon I worked for used to say, “I can’t be the best at everything!” Bwaha! So, let’s talk about playing golf in Borneo. Beware! Crocodile Sightings in Ponds. I’d just […]

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Jan 19

A Borneo Night Safari

By Abi King | Malaysia

Baby crocodiles and boats… It’s not every day you find a baby crocodile swishing through the water by your side. But it is something that happens every night, or thereabouts, on a safari from Borneo’s Sukau Rainforest Lodge. The boats are low, the passengers hushed. The air hangs cooler than it did in the day […]

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Nov 23

The Orangutans of Borneo Rainforest

By Abi King | Malaysia

The Borneo rainforest is one of the few places where orangutans live in the wild. Hanging with the King of the Swingers He loiters. He lurches. Legs bent squat and arms stretched wide, far so, ever so, ridiculously wide…he swings, then swivels, swings, then swivels. Front, back, front, back, lurch, linger, lurch linger like a […]

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