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Bamboo bar pool

The Five Star Bomb Shelter Hotel in Hanoi

The Sofitel on Ngo Quyen Street, Hanoi, is not a beautiful hotel. At least, that’s […]

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Halong Bay at Sunset

A Luxury Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay showcases the dual nature of travel today: the absolute thrill of finding an […]

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Water Puppets and Bringing Vietnam to Life

In the beginning, there was… A dragon. Well, at least a dragon king from the […]

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Sunset over a temple in China

Around Asia with Architecture

That gorgeous buttercup-yellow sunset above (over here if you can’t see it on your gadget-y […]

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A motorbike zooms past in Hanoi

The Legend of the Lake, Hanoi

Around the corner is the Old Quarter. Around the corner is the vision of Hanoi […]

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Photos From The Road – The #DragonRoute Collection

The #DragonRoute ends – and the write-up begins Images and whispers dance through my mind, […]

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Cut out Vietnam figures

Good Morning, Vietnam

Vietnam. We all know what Hollywood means when it says that word, and when we hear it from politicians too.

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