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The Travel Files | Austria

Travel to Austria

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Language: German

Best way of getting around: Independent driving or by train. Ever so occasionally, internal flights.

Highlight: the great outdoors.

Travel tip: Learn some German or grab a phrasebook / translation app as English isn’t too widespread. Also, be aware that you need to be naked in many public saunas…

Dress Code: Practical but classy as soon as you are able.

Unusual highlight: The Ice Palace hidden underground and only recently discovered.

Why you should visit Austria

Right in the heart of Europe, Austria sparkles with mountain villages and rugged alpine terrain. Its capital, Vienna, deservedly grabs the headlines but other main cities such as Salzburg, Innsbruck and Bregenz each add their dollop of seasoning to the country’s rich cultural mix.

Austria’s a country for pushing your pulse to the limit with daring outdoor feats, a place for soaking in the refined art and music of a bygone age and for exploring the dark chapters of the past amid the modern energy of a flourish democracy.

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