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Sofia: spotted by locals

Spotted By Locals – Sofia, Bulgaria

A non-descript side street, a stained white wall. Paint peeling from the window frames and sidelong glances from passersby.

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sofia bulgaria lonely

Sofia, Bulgaria: Empty & Lost

Blinking with sleep into the buttercup-yellow light, I stood on the platform and looked around.

An abandoned train stood opposite, incoherent graffiti scrawled along its length. The escalators had seen better days (I hoped) as they slumped…

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Photos of Sofia - inside Russian church

Photos of Sofia – Second Stop on the Iron Route

Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, left me with plenty of lingering images. Here

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Rail strikes in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Rail Strikes Mean Goodbye Serbia

Well, sooner or later my travel luck had to run out. Over the past few years I’ve managed to skate past snow storms, sidestep the ash cloud and avoid most industrial action. After all, it was…

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