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France is the world’s most visited country – and Inside the Travel Lab collects plenty of great posts about France. Author, Abigail King, lived in Toulouse, South France, for a while and this collection of travel writing reflects her inside knowledge. Read on for stories, photos and recipes about travel to France.

Speeding lights in Paris

In Paris: There is More to Life than…

In Paris: There is More to Life Than… Well, dear readers, right now I am […]

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Napoleon’s Last Stand on French Soil

Napoleon is remembered for a great many things. Conquering most of Europe, for example. Overthrowing […]

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Banke Hotel Exterior Paris

Ooh la la. A Boutique Hotel in the Centre of Paris. The Banke Hotel Paris.

The Banke Hotel Paris – Review From the moment you step through the door, you […]

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Paris Is Always A Good Idea

Taking Stock Somehow, four years have passed since I started this blog. In that time […]

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Un Aller Retour A La Rochelle

Picture the scene: 30 books open at the same page, a scattering of scarlet gingham […]

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How Lyon’s Secrets Defeated the Nazis

The Cour des Loges Hotel Review As hotels go, the Cour des Loges didn’t need […]

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Mama Shelter Pizzeria

Mama Shelter Paris – Just Too Cool

To see the cool side of Paris, see Mama Shelter. Forget the Eiffel Tower and ignore the Champs Elysees. The young, the weird and the beautiful wine, dine and, er, rendezvous in the 20th – and they make no apology for it.

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Oscar Wilde and graffiti - unusual Paris

Unusual Paris – Ghosts & Ghettos

I’d been to Paris once before. It was one of those rush around the museums by coach on a tight schedule affairs, one minute looking at bizarre hanging installations in the Pompidou Centre…

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Secret to success champagne cork go for your dreams

The Secret to Success (Only Sometimes Involves Absinthe)

It’s easy to forget how much practice goes in to creating something amazing. When we think about legends in any genre (Al Pacino in the Godfather, Martin Luther King and “I have a dream,” Roger Bannister and the four minute mile,) we…

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Toasting Traditions in France - Man raises a glass, must maintain eye contact

Wine, Health and Seven Years of Bad Sex: Toasting Traditions in France

In France, The Rules Are Complicated
In France, saying cheers is not enough (well, it’s santé for a start, which means health rather than happiness.) No, you must…

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Tho-Radia Poster in the Marie Curie Museum

A French Beauty Secret: Radioactive Skin Cream!

Just a reminder that the idea behind eating cardboard to stay size zero, having surgery to look young and all the other painful and dangerous practices people get up to in order to fit the current idea of “beauty” is nothing new…

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How to Eat Brain

No, this isn’t about literature, philosophy or trying to justify playing computer games. Brain food is actually about, well, brain as food.

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Girls Can’t Do Science

In the midst of a fresh Paris spring, I was standing in another building with scuffed wooden floors…

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A New Love Tradition in the City of Romance

“We’ll always have Paris,” as the immortal line goes. Now, it seems, Paris will always have something to remember as well…

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Around Mont Blanc – White Mountains at Sunset

Mont Blanc, the white mountain, rises out of the Alps to claim the title of the highest peak in Western Europe. I’ve been lucky enough to..

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Intestines & The Abattoirs

FRENCH FRIDAYS A shiny pink intestine sits on the Charles-de-Fitte Avenue in Toulouse, reaching out […]

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Flowers and mountains in Luchon

France’s Speedo Fetish

Every country seems to have a slightly different hygiene fetish. France, meanwhile, forces men to pay to wear a stranger’s moist speedos. All in the name of hygiene.

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Biarritz, Baby

Biarritz has a name that should mark it out for greatness. Instead of playboys in woollen bathing suits, Biarritz greeted me with

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Steak Tartare: Raw Egg + Raw Meat = Perfection

France does not claim steak tartare as its own…

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Fighting Food – Cassoulet

Southwest France proclaims itself as the family home of cassoulet, even if the towns bicker over who thought of it first like relatives at Christmas.

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