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Home to stollen cake, great beer and some wild castles, Germany has much more to offer than Christmas fairy-tales and twentieth century nightmares. Relive travel through Germany through these stories and photos and find out more about the place that calls itself Deutschland…

Raspberry cupcakes

The New Cupcake Quest

I’m just back from Leipzig – and I have a new quest. Several serious business […]

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Nuremberg rally ground today

The Girl Who Sat Where Hitler Stood

Spoiler. I’m not that girl. I’m the one behind the camera. Right now, I’m in […]

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17 Ways To Take Better Photos From Trains – Photography for Beginners

Go from bland to Bond with these easy-peasy tips for getting better photos from a […]

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Berlin Brandenburg Gate

The Best Things To Do in Berlin

Not long ago, I worked on a project called A Perfect Day in Berlin with British Airways for their shiny new Facebook App (see exhibit A if you’re just itching to know which six things I picked.)

Drunk with power, I put together an itinerary of the best way to spend 24 hours in the city and ignored my…

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Berlin Candles

What’s so special about Berlin?

Berlin. The world seems to love you but I’m not quite sure why. I went, […]

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MunichChristmasMarket Sign

The Best Christmas Market in the World **

Last year, during the Iron Route, I wrote a round up of the Best Christmas Markets in the World. This year, on Travel Europe High & Low, I bring you THE best Christmas Market of all time. As in, all the time I’ve spent in Christmas Markets this…

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A Walk In the Bavarian Clouds

As a way of throwing money away this seemed to be a particularly pointless exercise. We were standing at the foot of the Tegelberg mountain

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Cuddly currywurst in Berlin

The Berlin Wall – The Unheard Story

The final instalment of the Iron Route Journey. East, West, Good, Bad, Win, Lose, Draw.

Another look at 1989.

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Berlin Wall

Hitting the Wall – Reaching Berlin

Eighteen days ago I set out on a journey of more than a thousand miles. It took me through nine different countries, six different currencies, two continents and it strayed both in and out of

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A Dash of Cologne

It’s early morning as I peer through the glass at number 4 Glockengasse and a proud man in a duffel coat stares back. He ignores me, though…

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Alchemy in Cologne: Three Golden Liquids, One Colourful City

One put Cologne on the map, the other keeps children happy, but it’s the third that forms the lifeblood of Germany’s most colourful city. This series explores a city in flux, through Cologne’s three extraordinary liquids.

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Apparently this week is chocolate week in the UK. So, never mind that it sounds like nothing more than an excuse to buy, sell, eat, scoff and dream of chocolate…

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Cologne’s Secret Streak

Right there, among all those dignitaries, I discovered Cologne’s secret streak…

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In Cologne, They Say It With Handcuffs

They say that you never forget your first time – and for me that was in Seville. While strolling along in the unfiltered sunshine, sharp flashes of light caught my eye. This was it, this was what I had heard about:

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