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Travel through Italy and it’s easy to be seduced by the great food and astonishingly rich history – and I’m all for that! However, there’s plenty of adventure available as well and this collection of travel stories, photos and videos show you just how much Italy has for visitors…

Sneak peek at an Italian dome

Quiz Time: Can You Recognise This Dome?

It’s one of Europe’s most prized possessions and a key part of the Renaissance, the […]

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Sirens in the Silence – Italy Walking

Italy Walking The stillness surrounds, save for the scrunch and soft thump of my boots […]

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Mt Vesuvius

A Glimpse of Mount Vesuvius

In Sorrento, at the end of a week’s walk along the Path of the Gods […]

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Central Amalfi

When Life Hands You Lemons…

Lemons. They’re all over the place in the narrow streets of olive and stone-soaked Amalfi. […]

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And So I Walked the Path of the Gods, Italy

Right now I’m in Sorrento. It’s a multicoloured town that clings to the hills and […]

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A Walk Down Memory Lane: The Vatican

The lane is full of memories, the lane, this lane in the most holy of […]

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Love on the Edge of Death

A surprise find in the Roman Colosseum…

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Umbria - Assisi

Visiting Umbria

Umbria, Cumbria. How one little letter changes muddy, murky mulch into overflowing olive groves.

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Travel Slow Italy Lake

Life in the Slow Lane – Slow Italy

You know it comes to something when your own computer tells you to slow down (Wordpress, my blogging platform, often thinks I type too fast.) Now it turns out there’s a book that’ll tell you to do the same thing.

Go slow.

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Italian foods chocolate cake trieste

Sweet Treats & Sauerkraut: Three Flavours of Trieste, Italy

Italian food. There was a time when I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about, but I can barely remember that now. The moment my train slowed to a stop in Trieste (and, if I’m honest, quite a while before that) my daydreams wandered…

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Train at Sezana station between Trieste and Ljubljana

Longing for Ljubljana – Travel From Trieste

I’m going to tell you a secret. I’ve longed to visit Ljubljana. I’ve longed to let my tongue run over the improbable syllables of its name before I even knew how to say them…

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Trieste: Italy’s Dark Piece of Iron Curtain History

Trieste, Italy Behind me, I know that sapphire lights stud their way across the stone. […]

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Best Christmas market Vienna hearts

The Best Christmas Markets in the World*

So, to celebrate gingerbread, gluhwein and twinkling bright lights, I bring you this post: the Best Christmas Markets in the World. (Only, it’s not really the whole world. Just the countries between Turkey and Germany. But let’s face it, that wouldn’t make such a good title…

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Chocolate Cake & Cappuccino – Culture in Trieste

Mmmm…Rich chocolate cake in Caffe Tommaseo, allegedly Trieste’s oldest cafe. Trieste is also home to […]

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via ferrata in Austria

Life on the High Wire – Via Ferrata & Klettersteig

Fear. It’s all in the mind. That’s what I tell myself as I inch my foot sideways, staring straight ahead. Daylight fills the 20 foot space between my eyeballs and the glistening wall of rock…

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The Real Ragù

“This is the classic ragù that my grandmother taught me: a delicious, versatile sauce that can be used in many ways. Added to lasagne, any type of pasta, served with meatballs…” Lella from Cuoche in Vacanza

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Italian Food. Now I See What All the Fuss Is About

Italian food. Until I went to Tuscany, I have to confess that I just didn’t get the excitement. Pizza….Pasta…Chopped tomatoes on toast. Not only were…

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The Ghosts of Tuscany – Should We Try to Save the Past?

Beneath the arches, a cloaked man walks through the shadows, his head bent, his hands

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Nature in San Cassiano, Alta Badia, Dolomites, Italy

V is for Vespa: Making Engineering Sexy

Vespa. On the one hand there’s the breathless icon, the vision of beautiful Italian limbs perched upon beautiful Italian design, zipping past fountains, ochre walls and cafes practically swaying with romantic intrigue. On the other, there’s a bald man in a shirt and tie. The man…

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Venetian Mask - Striking of a deep blue traditional mask from Venice, Italy

Italy Celebrates 150 Years – In Photos

This week, Italy celebrated its birthday. All one hundred and fifty years since Garibaldi united the country under a common flag and a tradition for fine food. This week I…

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