Recommended Restaurants in Copenhagen

By Abi King | Denmark

Nov 08
Restaurants in Copenhagen

Eating Out in Copenhagen

First off, eating out in Copenhagen is going to cost you. Denmark’s captial is a city to give both London and Tokyo a run for their money, with even station-side noodle bars charging around £15 for a main course.

The bright side, however, is that Copenhagen does have an amazing selection of restaurants plus plenty of atmosphere to throw around. What the British would probably describe as a certain je ne sais quoi, Copenhagen describes as hygge. Here are some recommended restaurants in Copenhagen, based on independent reviews…

Restaurants in Copenhagen


Organic is the name of the game in this low key yet brilliant restaurant in the Nørrebro district.

Address: Jaegerborggade 41, 2200 Copenhagen

Axel Guldsman

For healthy, organic food in a cosy yet trendy environment, check out the restaurant at the Hotel Axel Guldsman. Expect to get here at around seven in the evening in a small group, though, otherwise all the tables, food and seats will have gone…

Address: Helgolandsgade 11, 1563 Copenhagen


As a Japanese restaurant near the central train station, Sukiyaki serves up fresh food, plenty of options and lots of colourful charm.

Address: Vesterbrogade 13, 1620 Copenhagen


Proud of being the only Michelin-starred Thai restaurant in Europe outside London, Kiin-Kiin somehow combines great beauty and great taste with a down to earth, welcoming feel.

Address: Guldbergsgade 21, 2200 Copenhagen



For a wholesome plate of food in an atmosphere that’s supposed to remind you of Sunday lunch with the family, try Dyrehaven. With a warm wooden interior, friendly service and free wifi, it’s a great place to spend the afternoon or evening.

Address: Sdr Boulevard 72, 1720 Copenhagen

How did I find these recommended restaurants in Copenhagen?

Some I found by myself, for others I had help from Wonderful Copenhagen. For each, though, I tasted and sampled what they had on offer. You know, as usual, otherwise it’s kind of missing the point…Disclosure.


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Erica March 11, 2013

Thanks for the suggestions! During the few times I have visited Copenhagen I lunched at Den Gronne Kaelder, a vegetarian restaurant near Stroget that serves affordable, mainly organic food in a cosy place. For vegetarians and vegans, the veggie buffet at RizRaz is also a great option. Right now I have 42 Raw and Grød on my mind. Love the concept at Grød, apparently they focus entirely on oat meal in various combinations.

    Abi King July 1, 2013

    That’s good to know – I have plenty of vegetarians and vegans in my family…

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