Five Sweeping Drives from Melbourne, Australia

By Abi King | Australia

Mar 26

Ebook on Five Drives from Melbourne

An Ebook on Five Drives from Melbourne

G’day! It’s that time again where I try to put on a dodgy accent from behind the privacy of my keyboard. You’ll just have to decide for yourself whether I’m oozing a sexy, smooth Kylie Minogue impression or that guy from Crocodile Dundee after he’s a bit the worse for wear.

Anyway. Flaming gala! It’s the road trip ebook you’ve been waiting for (if you like road trips and Australia that is.)

I’ve been writing about my time on the Great Ocean Road here on the blog but this ebook not only condenses that into more of a (useful) itinerary, it also includes the routes that the rest of the gang zipped along (to catch up from the beginning, head here.)

kangaroo crossingTo catch up on the end, click here to read the ebook. It’s free and it’s full of work from these luscious folk:

Keith Jenkins from Velvet Escape hitting the Great Southern Touring Route, Grampians, Daylesford and Halls Gap

Niamh Shields from Eat Like A Girl tasting her way through the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula

Sarah from Live Share Travel driving through the flowers on the South East Touring Triangle

And finally

Paul Dow from Trav Monkey taking adventure to the Lakes Discovery Route

Enjoy the order and convention – I’ll be back with my messier, atmospheric sketches of the place soon enough. Fair dinkum?

Driving in Australia

Do you have any tips on road trips from Melbourne? Pop them in the comments below…

Disclosure – this eBook comes as part of an iAmbassador project, with Visit Victoria and Visit Melbourne

As ever, as always, I write what I like. 


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Olga April 8, 2014

Hi Abi, I liked you content and design. Also thumbs up on overcoming your camera-shyness I can see your smiling face :)

Unfortunately, I can’t see the ebook, is it supposed to work in Chrome?

    Abi King April 8, 2014

    Haha – thank you! Still think my favourite shot is the back of my head ;-) Yes, I use chrome – and I can see it OK. Click on the image…if that doesn’t work…please let me know (again!) Thanks

      Olga April 9, 2014

      I just realised – it is the pop-up blocker! The book wasn’t loading, but it gave no me no clues why.
      I can’t read it at the moment, but I really loved how it looks. I’m myself based in Melbourne at the moment and I’ve done most of the must-dos in the area, will be very interesting to read through this ebook.

        Abi King April 9, 2014

        Aha! Glad to see it’s resolved :-)

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