Favourite Phrases From My Medical Days

By Abi King | From The Heart

Sep 04

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UPDATE: I’m currently in Latvia having a wonderful time. This was written some time ago but I thought it may still make you chuckle so I’m publishing it now anyway. Enjoy!

When the going gets tough, the tough hide under the table.

Wait, no. That was Blackadder, not a medical catchphrase after all.

I’m hacked off at the moment. Nothing serious (at least I hope not,) just some work and what have you shenanigans that are taking up too much space in my brain (and my work schedule too, but that didn’t sound quite so poetic.)

At times like this, I’m reminded of some of the choice phrases I used to hear in the hospital corridors, surrounded by the whiff of bleach and cabbages and one or two unmentionables. It’s the kind of dark humour that used to make me laugh. It sustained me then  – and to be honest it still does now.

So, if you’re having just one of those times and the world seems against you, remember this:

One – “They can always hurt you more.”

Two – “Remember, asking for help IS a sign of weakness.”

Three – “That which does not kill you, makes you stronger.”

And, a personal favourite: “Don’t hesitate to cope!”

Every job has its ups and downs but at least I never went for that old lie “this isn’t going to hurt at all.”

Best of luck to you all out there. And just remember that if after taking two paracetamol, keeping up the fluids and going to bed it still doesn’t get better, it may be time to visit your GP :-)

Onwards and upwards,


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