The Ice Palace Underground

By Abi King | Austria

Jun 14

Hintertuxer Ice Palace003

High on a mountaintop yet far underground lies an frosty, wintry, rub-your-eyes-with-childlike-wonder honest to god real life ice palace. The entrance lies only metres from the top of a ski lift but the short journey is steep, the footholds treacherous. Some kind philanthropic souls (I think they’re scientists) have threaded ropes and metal studs along the inside on the ice. And to be fair, if you were wearing hiking boots rather than ski boots, it would probably be more of a walk in the park.

But it isn’t a walk in the park, it’s a journey underground, past hidden giants that scare the children and ladders into underground lakes where fearless (and, presumably, hot-blooded) scientists dive without maps to try to discover just where the water ends.

Handprints are just visible in the contours of the ice.

Beauty is visible everywhere.

Info: find the ice palace yourself by heading to the Gletscherbus 3 lifts and walking in a purposeful direction. I’d recommend visiting on a separate trip to your ski session. It takes a few hours to see it properly and your knees won’t thank you for walking in ski boots for that long.

Hintertuxer Ice Palace001

Hintertuxer Ice Palace004

Hintertuxer Ice Palace002

Hintertuxer Ice Palace005

Hintertuxer Ice Palace006Hintertuxer Ice Palace007

Hintertuxer Ice Palace008
Hintertuxer Ice Palace009

Disclosure: I travelled to Tirol as a guest of the Tirol and Tux tourist boards. All love of ice palaces are my own. 

Andy Tope June 15, 2013

Lovely photos Abi. I’m glad you found your footing in your ski boots.

    Abi King June 19, 2013

    Me too, more or less! It’s an excellent way to tone up your calf muscles though!

Mark June 19, 2013

Wonderful shots you got out there! :D Where’s the Ice Queen though? :D

    Abi King June 19, 2013

    That would be me…Shivering beneath my ski jacket ;-)

Bryant June 24, 2013

Thanks for sharing!!

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