Hot Air Balloon Pictures – Above the Clouds in Spain

By Abi King | Spain

Sep 30
Hot Air Balloon clouds photo

Above the clouds in a hot air balloon…

For years, the British weather thwarted my dream of floating above the earth in a hot air balloon. Today, with rather trembling limbs, my dream came true in the Spanish Pyrenees. My legs are still trembling, while my heart is skitting around like a small child who’s just discovered an unguarded box of chocolates. So until my mind comes back to earth, I just wanted to share a quick taste of my hot air balloon pictures. Enjoy!

Hot air balloon spain

Watching the others float by…

The full story is coming soon…UPDATE: Read about the hot air balloon ride here.
Disclosure: I soared above the clouds as a guest of Visit Costa Brava As usual, I am free to say what I like…

Have you ever been in a hot air balloon? Would you want to go?


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Camels & Chocolate September 30, 2011

This is one of those “extreme” activities I’ve never done, but would love to tackle! The only time I’ve been skydiving to date was actually in the Pyrenees, as well–and I hitchhiked my way out to the airport to get there, too!

    Abi King October 3, 2011

    Although you’re dangling in the air standing on a wicker basket – it doesn’t feel extreme. It feels incredibly relaxing and luxurious…Sigh…

Eurotrip Tips September 30, 2011

Beautiful photo! It seemed like the perfect time of the day to experience a hot-air ride. Will your shaky legs be tempted to repeat it someday?

    Abi King October 3, 2011

    At the very next opportunity, I’m there! Shaky legs or not – I loved it.

Melvin September 30, 2011

Wow! Great pics Abigail!

    Abi King October 3, 2011

    Thanks – I think you would have loved it.

Linda October 1, 2011

Gorgeous photos. Looking forward to reading more about it!

Never done it. Always wanted to. Many years ago I lived in the English countryside, on what was, apparently, a regular route for balloons (weather permitting). On a still summer day we would hear that kind of heavy breathing sound and rush outside to see them. They were always low enough to wave to when they passed over us, and sometimes we had brief, shouted conversations. It all seemed so dreamlike, and I’ve never lost the desire to try it!

    Abi King October 3, 2011

    Weather-permitting indeed! I tried so many times in Bristol but to no avail…I’d love to chat to people on the ground from a balloon, though. You’re right, that would be surreal…

CraIg Zabransky October 1, 2011

Love that last photo. Love it.

Stay Adventurous, Craig

    Abi King October 3, 2011

    You too :)

Jenna October 1, 2011

This looks lovely! I have never gone but would love to. I live near Napa Valley, and a friend of mine told me that she got her sister and brother-in-law a hot air balloon ride over the Napa area as an anniversary present. Can you believe he didn’t want to go? So she and her sister went instead.

    Abi King October 4, 2011

    His loss, her gain! I imagine a trip over Napa would be wonderful…

Gordon Lethbridge October 1, 2011

This is one of those activities you do and are hooked. I floated above the Masai Mara in Kenya early one morning and want to repeat the experience either there or somewhere else.

    Abi King October 4, 2011

    Ah…just imagining a trip over the Masai Mara gives me goosebumps. Wow…

Cailin October 2, 2011

Awesome photos! I have always wanted to go Hot Air Balloooning! I don’t know if I would be freaked out or not! :)

    Abi King October 4, 2011

    I did feel quite shaky at the beginning. There’s so little supporting you! The experience itself, however, felt wonderful. Dreamy, easy, safe.

Dalene October 3, 2011

Really cool photos! This is something I am DYING to do someday (as soon as I can convince Pete to get over his fear of heights!) :)

    Abi King October 4, 2011

    I’ll go with you if he won’t ;)

JoAnna October 4, 2011

I just rode in my first hot air balloon about a month ago and it was AMAZING! Beautiful photos!

    Abi King July 5, 2012

    Woohoo! Another fan!

darlene foster October 4, 2011

Fabulous pictures. I always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon and my dream came true last year when my husband bought me a gift certificate for a hot air balloon ride for my birthday. It was amazing, an experience I will never forget. I blogged about it (search for “hello-dreamers”)
Perhaps one day I can try it in Spain as well.

    Abi King July 5, 2012

    Ah, what a lovely gift!

Caz Makepeace November 2, 2011

Gorgeous photos. We went hot air ballooning earlier this year and loved it!! I was surprisngly not scared at all. I found it really peaceful.

    Abi King July 5, 2012

    This felt so peaceful – in the end!

Rachel November 8, 2011

Lovely photos. It´s something I´ve always wanted to do.

I´d particularly like to fly over Jaén where I live across Cordoba to Sevilla. Have you any idea how many kms they can travel?

It takes over 2.5 hours from home to Sevilla by car so I guess a whole day or more to go there and back by balloon!

    Abi King July 5, 2012

    That would be a stunning journey – although I don’t think you have much control over where they go. You may not be able to make it back!

Fiona Flores Watson November 9, 2011

Yes, I’ve always wanted to – too scaredy cat for sky diving (unlike you)! You can do it near here, I think. One day! Gorgeous photos.

    Abi King July 5, 2012

    Ah, but the risk is the same, isn’t it?! I’ll have to look into places near here now I’m running out of time here!

Jennifer July 5, 2012

My husband and I were married in a hot air balloon but the wind that day kept us grounded. We tried over the course of the last 10 years but weather always kept our balloon ride elusive.

I finally got a ride in Napa Valley two months ago and it was amazing! But sadly my husband wasn’t with me. We’re still waiting to take that very special balloon ride together.

    Abi King July 5, 2012

    You and me both! My husband and I have been chasing a balloon ride together since we got married (it was a wedding gift but the weather always spoiled it!)

    One day!

Mike September 12, 2012

I was part of a hot-air balloon crew for about a year. The experience isn’t one of flying so much as levitation. Be prepared to help lay out the balloon and pack up at the end– even as a paying passenger! If you fly, you’re drafted temporarily into the crew.

    Abi King October 16, 2012

    Then I pity the fate of the other passengers! Here’s hoping that packing up a balloon isn’t as critical as packing a parachute…

Pigafe April 4, 2013

Great photos and great country, my country. We will waiting for you. Cheers!

    Abi King April 20, 2013

    Then you have a very beautiful country :-)

bhavani July 22, 2013

love the third pic, with the bokeh…

i went paragliding a couple of years ago in india. the utter silence and peace in being far far away from the crazy cacophony of the world below is just priceless…

    Abi King July 23, 2013

    Thank you. I haven’t tried paragliding – I wonder how in control you feel of your direction. After my skydive, it felt more like flying when the parachute was open as I could turn and influence where I was heading…But in the hot air balloon, I felt powerless. It gave me a completely different feeling…

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