Hot Air Balloon Pictures – Above the Clouds in Spain

By Abi King | Spain

Sep 30
Hot Air Balloon clouds photo
Hot Air Balloon clouds photo

Above the clouds in a hot air balloon…

For years, the British weather thwarted my dream of floating above the earth in a hot air balloon. Today, with rather trembling limbs, my dream came true in the Spanish Pyrenees. My legs are still trembling, while my heart is skitting around like a small child who’s just discovered an unguarded box of chocolates. So until my mind comes back to earth, I just wanted to share a quick taste of my hot air balloon pictures. Enjoy!

Hot air balloon spain

Watching the others float by…

The full story is coming soon…UPDATE: Read about the hot air balloon ride here.
Disclosure: I soared above the clouds as a guest of Visit Costa Brava As usual, I am free to say what I like…

Have you ever been in a hot air balloon? Would you want to go?

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