In India: Learn as if you were to live forever…

By Abi King | Asia

Dec 18

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever


What most of us have in common across the world, at least us lucky ones, is that we went to school. And if we didn’t manage that, for all the layers of reasons why, we did all have a childhood.

This autumn, I travelled to Bangalore, India, and spent some time covering a community project at a local government school. Away from the construction work, I stole some time to sit in lessons, wander around the school, chat to the children and catch up with another way of learning.

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1) In formation

Every morning before classes, students lined up to sing the national anthem in front of the school.

A School in Bangalore

2) An English Lesson

Today, the topic was insects and the lesson plan evolved from a story of some Indian children who befriended a grasshopper.

A School in Bangalore

3) End of class

Students cheer as I finally leave the room ;-) My brief time spent teaching gave me a whole new level of appreciation for what teachers do!

A School in Bangalore

4) No Shoes

It’s compulsory for students to remove their shoes before class

A School in Bangalore

5) Private study

I was surprised to see such a mix of age ranges within a single class. The eldest in this class was 14, the youngest 7. Most were 11 years old.

A School in Bangalore

6) Looking the part

Older children get desks and chairs…

A School in Bangalore

7) Civil disobedience

I never did manage to work out whether this child was enrolled in the school or not…The school grounds are next to a slum and open to the road and so people, traffic, dogs and cows can wander past during this pre-lesson assembly.

A School in Bangalore

8) Human spirit

Some things never change! Kids just love having their photos taken..

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