The Gold Inside Seville Cathedral

By Abi King | Spain

Jun 18

Golden cross inside Seville's Cathedral


Inside Seville Cathedral

When it came to first impressions, the inside of Seville’s sprawling cathedral left me cold. I saw gloom and scaffolding, dust and darkness, while the dreams and shadows of the Spanish Inquisition lurked behind locked gates and doors.

Outside, it’s completely different. Sunshine, oranges, fountains and fresh air mingle with the chatter of horses’ hooves on the stony streets.

The Cathedral of Seville is the third largest in Europe (and the largest in the world by volume, as any local will immediately inform you.) It forms the focus for the annual Semana Santa processions, apparently holds the body of Christopher Columbus and offers a rooftop view of the city from the top of its legendary Giralda tower.

On the outside, I love it. Yet inside…

I decided it was time to take a second look. To search for something beautiful, inspiring, provocative or unusual.

So, for this week’s Photo Friday, I bring you art from inside Seville’s Cathedral. Let me know what you think…

Seville Cathedral: Largest altarpiece in the world

Seville Cathedral: Largest altarpiece in the world

Crucifix inside Sevile Cathedral

Inside Seville’s Cathedral

Ceiling in a side chapel - Seville Cathedral

Ceiling in a side chapel – Seville Cathedral

Stone ceiling in Seville Cathedral

Seville Cathedral: The Largest By Volume

Gold treasure in Seville Cathedral

Crown Jewels

Close up of crown jewels in Seville Cathedral

Searching for detail…

Crucifixion scene in gold in Seville Cathedral

Seville Cathedral is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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