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Welcome to Inside the Travel Lab

Welcome to Inside the Travel Lab, a global travel blog on thoughtful luxury and unusual journeys.

If you’re new to blogs, they’re simply regularly updated websites, usually written by one person (that would be me,) and they usually come with a smorgasbord of ways for you to interact (see the social media flask icons on the top right hand side or tap away merrily into the comment boxes beneath the articles.)

A Bit About The Blog

I started this blog when I left my job as a hospital doctor and embarked on a career in freelance writing and photography. It’s grown a lot since then and just like a proud parent I’m tempted to tell you about every single achievement (listed as essential reading on National Geographic Traveller, described as one of the best in the world by Lonely Planet, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Stylist magazine and sometimes even read by my mum.)

However, you’re probably not here for any of that. You’re looking for a hefty dose of travel inspiration so that you can either plan your next adventure or just dream about the world.

Alright, then. Let’s get you started.

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Despite the lengthy blurb to get this far, this site really is about you: the inspired, thoughtful, adventurous traveller. Let me know what you want to see, what you like, what you don’t like and anything else that crosses your mind. You can contact me here.


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