Jota – A Hearty Slovenian Stew

By Abi King | Slovenia

Dec 07

jota - a Slovenian Stew

The icy winter winds have really started to bite as I’ve travelled north. Arriving in Slovenia was the watershed. It is cold.

That’s what makes jota so perfect. Warm, hearty, bursting with flavour from beans, pork cubes and sauerkraut (don’t laugh, it tastes better than it sounds,) this dish of jota was enought to sweep out the chill from my bones and usher in an interesting chat with the chef.



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Steve December 13, 2011

Just discovered the ‘Real Time Travel’ section – thought you’d gone a bit quiet….! Jota looks and sounds a bit like the Toulousain ‘Cassoulet’, also perfect when it’s a bit nippy out.

    Abi King January 4, 2012

    It certainly has the same kind of heartwarming effect…A little more sour than cassoulet, though.

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