New York in the Twenties

By Abi King | USA

Jun 16

Downtown Manhattan

These grainy monochrome photos show New York City in the twenties.

Flatiron Building, New York

My twenties, rather than theirs.

A few months ago, it looked as though I’d be taking a bite out of the Big Apple again this week and in anticipation, I dug out these golden oldies. Yes, youngsters, these were actual prints rather than digital images. Whatever next, my school notes on slate? Travel via horse and cart? Woolly mammoth for breakfast?

New York in the Twenties

The Hand of Liberty

MACYS, New York City

The Torch of Liberty

Brooding Manhattan

Grand Central Station, New York

Oh, and by the way, they’re black and white because of a phase I was going through. I’m not that old…

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