Eating Out in Copenhagen

Restaurants in Copenhagen

Here are some recommended restaurants in Copenhagen, based on independent reviews…

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Solitaire Namibia – An Unlikely Oasis

My mind jumped to computer card games and Karen Carpenter’s warbling, but in Namibia, Solitaire is a place on the map. It’s also…

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A Dash of Cologne

It’s early morning as I peer through the glass at number 4 Glockengasse and a proud man in a duffel coat stares back. He ignores me, though…

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Seville By Night

Short & sweet this week, as I’m travelling through rural Andalucia to places where cyberspace […]

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Alchemy in Cologne: Three Golden Liquids, One Colourful City

One put Cologne on the map, the other keeps children happy, but it’s the third that forms the lifeblood of Germany’s most colourful city. This series explores a city in flux, through Cologne’s three extraordinary liquids.

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