Staircase leading into the Walt Disney Concert Centre in Los Angeles

A Dazzling Concert Hall in LA

The dazzling (if incongruously named) Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, designed by Frank Gehry. More on my recent adventures…

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Eating Out in Copenhagen

Restaurants in Copenhagen

Here are some recommended restaurants in Copenhagen, based on independent reviews…

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Solitaire Namibia – An Unlikely Oasis

My mind jumped to computer card games and Karen Carpenter’s warbling, but in Namibia, Solitaire is a place on the map. It’s also…

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A Dash of Cologne

It’s early morning as I peer through the glass at number 4 Glockengasse and a proud man in a duffel coat stares back. He ignores me, though…

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Seville By Night

Short & sweet this week, as I’m travelling through rural Andalucia to places where cyberspace […]

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