In Paris: There is More to Life than…

By Abi King | Behind The Scenes

Feb 26

Speed at night outside Institut de Paris

In Paris: There is More to Life Than…

Well, dear readers, right now I am ill. Not desperately ill I hasten to add but ill enough nonetheless. Ill enough to not have left the house all day and to watch the clock for when I can have more meds. Ill enough to contemplate watching daytime TV.

It’s at times like this when the very nature of time itself seems to swirl and morph between feverish dreams into a craftier, vaporised, even less tangible version of what we get to see when all is well.

Boiling the kettle seems to take an age. The day, lost in fitful twilights of sleep, passes lightning fast. New emails and other alerts litter the screen like a snowstorm in scarlet.

And I am glad, so glad, that right now I’m home. And ill with something I should recover from.

As my mind blurs through some of the simpler tasks on my plate, I came across this photo of the Institut de France, taken years ago in Paris.

It’s a favourite shot of one of my favourite cities. And it also reminded me of a quote from Gandhi that seems rather fitting for the day I have had and the society in which we live:

There is more to life than simply increasing its speed


I hope you are well wherever you are – and that you get the chance to simply slow down for a while.

Abi (2)

SAM February 26, 2014


Sorry to learn the you are unwell.

Rest up doc. Take good care of
yourself … You know the deal …

Doctors (practising or otherwise)
and nurses make the worse possible

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery before you drive yourself

Best regards,


Patricia King February 28, 2014

Oh Abi, sorry to hear you are not well. Take care of yourself and get well soon. P xxxx

Nadine February 28, 2014

Ha! I love that quite, I had no idea it was Gandhi who said that. And Paris is one of my favorite cities as well, that photo of the Institut de France captures very elegantly the light of Paris without the excess and tacky glamour, as it is portrayed very often.
Sorry to hear you’re ill. Make sure to take your meds and get plenty of rest, I’m sure you’ll get better in no time.
I really liked this post, looking forward for more!

abnish kumar March 28, 2014

I am impressed with the way u describe the Paris city.Planning to go such a nice place will be a great fun.nice photo love that.

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