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“One of the Best Travel Blogs in the World”

Abigail King is one of the leading figures in the UK for new travel media. Her award-winning blog, Inside the Travel Lab, is described by Lonely Planet as “one of the best in the world,” while Google and Invesp rate it as one of the world’s most popular travel blogs.

National Geographic Traveller lists her blog as “essential reading” and Grazia describes her as one of “the world’s hottest online explorers.”

She has been invited to talk about social media and travel in the UK, Spain, Italy, Austria, the UAE, Malaysia and more.

Inside the Travel Lab - one of the world's best travel blogs


“The tone of your stories is so much warmer and more realistic (to me) than so many other stories of this nature I come across.  I actually really enjoy reading your works!  Thanks so much.” Kevin Martin, Naturalist, Alaska.

“Not only is Inside the Travel Lab eloquent and insightful, it is a general knowledge masterpiece. The attention to detail Abi brings to the blog is the reason Inside the Travel Lab is such a popular blog.” Cheska Bennett, Beat the Brochure.