The Reed Flute Caves, Guilin, China

By Abi King | Asia

Nov 14
Reed Flute Caves, China

Reed Flute Caves, Guilin, China

Sometimes, it’s best to let the pictures do the talking. When it comes to caves, lights and 180 million years of geology, words dissolve in the presence of blues, reds and slippery illusion-like greens as they spill out of the stone and onto the screen.

And so, I bring you through my own sweet photos: the Reed Flute Caves of Guilin.

Scarlet curtain, Reed Flute Caves Guilin

Reed Flute Cave Blue

Reed Flute Cave Green

Reed Flute Caves Red Pillars

Reed Flute Cave purple and beige


I visited the caves as part of the #dragonroute with  Cathay Pacific UK and the ever excellent China Odyssey Tours. Free to write whatever I like. As usual. As ever. 

Reed Flute Finale

Outside the caves

Just outside the caves…

Hanging outside the caves

Parasol in tree Reed Flute Caves

Pauline November 14, 2013

My dad went to China a couple years back and he came back raving about the caves of Guilin and how beautiful they were. I was all like: “Yea, okay, dad, sure”, thinking how beautiful could a cave get. And then I saw this post and realized how wrong I was! Ooohhh boy!

Kathryn Burrington November 14, 2013

Particularly love the parasol images. They’re enchanting!

SAM November 14, 2013

Brilliant photographs.

And to think that even such extremely high quality pictures like these barely serve to scratch the surface as far allowing us to experience some of the magnitude
of the awesome spectacle that you witnessed and that you were able to capture for us is a truly humbling

Your photographs serve to bring
into better perspective for me the enormity and magnificence of our wonderful planet that humanity is continuing to destroy at an ever increasing and escalating rate.

There is so much worth saving for
ourselves and for future generations
that you are constantly bringing to
the attention of your readers in a most meaningful way utilizing the impressive variety of modalities that
you have clearly mastered and honing on a daily basis.

Many thanks,


cvail November 15, 2013

Love these shots! Beautiful!

Hogga November 25, 2013


wshi April 23, 2014

I am planning on visiting these caves… any recommendations on how to take the best shots in the cave lighting?

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