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Roomorama & The Big City Sleep

Short Term Rentals in London

Big Ben - LondonFirst of all, this article is going to be about finding accommodation in London. Second of all, just how enjoyable are the words Roomorama and the Big City Sleep? Absolutely wonderful, to a Londoner who delights in words that make me smile and who’s long since forgotten the plot of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe but who still enjoys the rhythm of the phrase.

Staying in London

Anyway, to business. Luckily for me, I have friends and family scattered about the British Isles who let me stay with them (a lot.) However, even I flinch at asking again and again and again, particularly when early morning airport starts or late night revelry at industry awards are concerned.

So, although being a hotel girl at heart, stay manchester opened my eyes to short term rentals. An approach from US-based vacation home rentals made me take a second look at the idea and then Roomorama (the booking service) introduced me to Big City Sleep (the place to stay) and offered me a test run of their idea…


Roomorama liases with the landlords of London (and beyond) to create a searchable database for those looking for a place to stay. Properties range from shared accommodation in the outskirts of London to plush and lovely suites right in the centre of town. Which brings me to…

The Big City Sleep

Ferrero Rocher on White towels

With these Ferrero Rochers, you are really spoiling us…

Big City Sleep was founded by two former interior design professionals – and boy does it show. I tried out a studio flat in London, a quick dash from Earl’s Court tube station right in the heart of the city. With a trademark London entrance and high ceilings, I loved this place from the moment I stepped inside.

Big City Sleep BathroomI was on my own but could have easily stretched the arrangement to accommodate another three people (one standard double bed and one fold out double bed.) Discreet screens separated the area into partitions, the free wireless internet sent my geeky little heart into overdrive and the kitchen had all the facilities (hobs, oven, fridge, utensils) that I would have undoubtedly used had I not been quite so busy…

Gift toiletries gave it the touch of a high-class hotel, while spare books and magazines made it feel like home. Was everything perfect? Of course not, nothing ever is. Typically, you’d need to book for three nights at a time rather than two, pay a cleaning fee and make your peace with the 24 hour soundtrack of life in the city of London (traffic, voices and glass recycling schemes.)

However, if this is the future of short term rentals in London – I’m in (with or without a Lion, a Witch and a Wardrobe.)

Big City Sleep Short Term Rental in Kensington




2 Responses to Roomorama & The Big City Sleep

  1. Eurotrip Tips July 5, 2011 at 1:27 pm #

    That sure looks like a lovely option to stay in London! I think more and more people opt for short-term rental instead of hotels, because not only does it often end up being cheaper, it also saves money on meals and laundry. And well, let’s be honest – it doesn’t get any better than feeling like a true Londoner for a couple of days.

    • Abi July 13, 2011 at 4:01 am #

      Heh, well I was born in London so I suppose I carry that feeling wherever I go! It does mean that I can vouch for its authenticity, though. Stay here and you will feel like a real Londoner (albeit one with a better location than most can afford ;) )