Cool cafes in Melbourne

By Abi King | Australia

Feb 23

And the idea of just wandering off to a cafe with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for awhile is just bliss. – J.K. Rowling

Campbell Arcade and Subway Shops Sign

Melbourne likes to describe itself as the most European of Australian cities, but I’ve never been too sure just what that was supposed to mean. No kangaroos bouncing along the pavement? No use of the phrase flaming gala? No hats with bobbing corks or koalas or boomerangs or any other crass stereotypes anyone can muster up for the land of Down Under? (Incidentally, mind, while all those things are false for city life, the vegemite rumour is most definitely true.)

And then it struck me. The cafes. The coffee. The beautiful boutique shops and bars, narrow streets, arcades of patterned glass and stacks of pastel-pink sugar-dusted French macarons. That’s where the connection was (although perhaps French or Italian might have been a more appropriate word. I didn’t see too much of weak watered tea, currywurst or heart-chiselled shutters about the place.)

Still, some of the cafes and shops in Melbourne are a treat to behold – and I was lucky enough to have Danae from Hidden Secret Tours to help me find them.

Enjoy the photos – and remember to let the flavours of chilli, chocolate and freshly ground coffee beans circulate while you’re looking.

Mmm mmm!

Orang Vespa Parked On the Street
Quirky Bookstore in Melbourne Australia

Business Lunch on the Street in Australia

Neon Signs in Australia

Snarky Street Art

Gaunt and Co Clock at the Royal Arcade

Colorful Tower of Macaroons

Coffee Art

Hot chilli chocolate

Woman Reading at a Melbourne Arcade

Street Busking in Australia

Escalator in Australia

The oldest escalator in Melbourne

Disclosure – This road trip along the Great Ocean Road forms part of the #MelbourneTouring project with iAmbassador, Visit Victoria and Visit Melbourne.As ever, as always, I’m free to write whatever I like here on Inside the Travel Lab.

n inspirational quote on cafes, reading and writing in Melbourne

Dong Shao February 24, 2014

I am from Shanghai and have visited Melbourne once. It is really a charming, sporty tourist city. Within my Melbourne I visited most of the major tourist spots in the city as it was my first tour. I was completely unknown about these shops which you have mentioned in your article. I hope I would be there in Melbourne again and get the chance to visit these lovely spots. Your all of the images are so charming and colorful. Nice clicks! ! !

Raja Adnan Safdar March 2, 2014

I always wanted to visit Melbourne its one of my favorite place in world. I hope ll visit it soon in near future and ll check these shops as well :)

Humayun Hashmi March 3, 2014

Melbourne is a beautiful city, i have some official trips to there, i was totally unaware of these spots you mentioned. I will surely try to see them in my next visit and will taste hot chili chocolate.

Ronny March 5, 2014

Gotta love that escalator lol … Melbourne looks amazing!

James Clark March 13, 2014

Aww you almost make me want to go back home.

Carol March 14, 2014

This is my kind of place! Love it!

Capertee Valley June 18, 2014

Any shop looks quirky and cool with a Vespa parked out front.

Samantha December 23, 2014

Melbourne is known for its great street restaurant and shopping shop. I have visited many places in Melbourne. But completely unaware of the places, which you have described in this post. All of the places listed in the post, seems to be awesome. When I visit Melbourne next time, I will make sure that I will visit all the above listed places.

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