Splish, splash, splosh. The Art of Pouring Spanish Cider

By Abi King | Spain

Apr 15

Pouring cider in a sideria in Asturias - cork on bottle

A slightly sweet, slightly sour scent of apples lingers in the squares of Oviedo in northern Spain. Inside the sidrerias, it doesn’t so much linger as call up every one of its friends and invite them to a party. Sticky cider on the floor, scented cider in wooden barrels and cider, stunt cider, falling from tipped green bottles to fall straight into an outstretched glass.

Or at least, that’s what’s supposed to happen. Asturian cider needs aeration and locals have found that the best, and the most fun way to do that is to pour it from a great height. They’ve also discovered that it’s even more fun to watch hapless foreigners have a go.

Pouring Spanish Cider

Pouring cider in a sideria in Asturias (Abigail King)

The Glass

Inside a sideria - the bottle

The bottle…

Practising pouring cider in Asturias

@Wildjunket tries to pour cider…

Pouring cider in a sideria in Asturias (Abigail King)

Pouring cider the professional way…

Tortilla in a sideria spain

Tortilla for sustenance…

Sidreria Asturias

Meat for sustenance

Inside a huge barrel in a sidreria in Asturias

Drink cider inside a barrel…

No wonder there’s sticky cider on the floor…

Disclosure: I’m currently travelling through Asturias as a guest of Asturias.es


travelroach April 15, 2011

Wicked photos…I could really go for some of that cider right now! And tortillas.

wandering educators April 15, 2011

what FUN!! i could never make it into the glass, pouring from that far away. the seating is incredible!

Jessica April 15, 2011

I would never be able to hit the glass. I would be laughing too hard. Thanks for showing me something new (and fun) today.

Andy Jarosz April 15, 2011

Kudos to you Abi – while the rest of us were nursing a hangover you were busy writing a post – and a good one too!
Just for completeness you should include this picture too ;-)


Great to catch up with you again. Enjoy the rest of the trip!

Sounds messy, but a lot of fun. Hard to get a drink that way if most of it ends up on the floor. Good for mop sales I suppose.

jackie April 19, 2011

Totally fun post!

Abi King April 23, 2011

No…a lot of it didn’t end up in the glass. I only wish I’d thought to remove my watch before I started…

Marissa Simoes April 23, 2011

My family is from Asturias — outside of Asturias — so I grew up watching them do this. And there is nothing like a tortilla with a glass of sidra! Lovely pictures, makes me miss my family’s town.

Abi King April 26, 2011

@Marissa – Yes, I glossed over the tortilla a bit. Slightly salty, soft yet crisp – Mmmm! (PS – Can you pour cider like that?)

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