Photos from a Rainy Day

By Abi King | Behind The Scenes

Dec 18

Rain in GhentStill damp from wandering through the wetlands of Europe, I bring you these travel photos so  you can share in my squelchiness appreciate their beauty. From a photography point of view, of course, shooting in the rain should conjure up heartfelt joy at the chance to play around with different forms of light and to revel in the way that the scenery, both geographical and social, changes as the subjects adapt to their environments. In other words, how people put up umbrellas, walk faster, grimace more and try not to stare at the lunatic in the street who’s just standing there and taking photos. The fool.

This lunatic, however, despite an upbringing in one of the soggiest places on the globe, isn’t quite convinced about the wonderfulness of rain. On a biological, circle of life thing, sure. On a keeping gardens green and lush, well if you must. And on a feeling rain-soaked denim cling to your thighs like a hungry leech to a pustulent wound…well, I rather lose enthusiasm.

Anyway, somewhere between the squelchy feet and droplet-splattered lens I managed to find a few photos to fall in love with. Europe. You may be wet and wild in winter. But you’re still rather something…

Verona in the rain travel photo


PS – Wondering where the wetlands of Europe are? They’re everywhere! Everywhere that isn’t cold enough to turn it into snazzily sexy snow, that is. But if you’re into the details of where I hung my hat to dry, here’s the list: Paris, Ghent, Bruges, Amsterdam, Toulouse, Lyon, Basel (snow! bliss!), Munich, Salzburg, Verona and Milan. Rain in each and every one. Photos taken in each and every one. But sadly, some cities wet just seemed to look like a bit of a damp squib. I don’t want to embarrass them here, so I’ll save their reputations by showing you their photos later, during a drier, more decent occasion.

Disclosure: this waterlogged wonder came as I worked on my EuHighLow project as part of an InterRail Assignment.


What do you do when it rains? Stand there snapping or run for cover?!

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