Solitaire Namibia – An Unlikely Oasis

By Abi King | Africa

Nov 05

Solitaire Namibia

Solitaire. My mind jumped to computer card games and Karen Carpenter’s warbling, but in Namibia, Solitaire is a place on the map. It’s also a key part of tours that speed along the tarmac between Windhoek and the Namib-Naukluft National Park.

As we arrived, our footsteps crunching in the dessicated soil and a fine dust swirling through the air, the true identity of Solitaire was revealed….It’s a petrol station with a café.

I suppose that in a desert, a supply of water, petrol and hot coffee becomes an oasis in its own right and at least the owners have jazzed up the experience by sinking cars into the sand. Perhaps they wish to remind travellers that without mundane yet vital institutions like petrol stations, this fate awaits us all…


Anna November 5, 2010

I guess even the smallest of cafes would be considered an oasis in the desert! This one does look pretty cool though, I like the sunken cars.

wandering educators November 5, 2010

what incredible photos. i can’t even imagine the lives of those cars – the stories they could tell!

Wanderluster November 6, 2010

I really really love these photos. Seriously? Namibia? I would never ever have guessed. I would have thought Arizona.

Dominique November 7, 2010

Fascinating photos…I’m with Jessie, I’d love to know the stories these cars could tell!

Michael Hodson November 17, 2010

I agree – this place was so odd. And cool. Loved Namibia!

Abi King November 25, 2010

They’ve certainly got plenty of character. I think the first one’s my favourite.

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