Street Art in St Vincent’s & The Grenadines

By Abi King | The Caribbean

Nov 05

Street art in Canouan, St Vincent & The Grenadines

Canouan sailing club street art

Street signs in St Vincent's & The Grenadines


Painted fish in the Grenadines

Street Art in St Vincent’s & The Grenadines

I’m not sure where you are this early November morning, but I’m seeping through the slow winter mist and feeling slightly invisible. Just the time, I thought, to rustle up these travel photos from St Vincent & The Grenadines for a much-needed injection of colour and cheer.

And while they’re not your typical gritty, provocative examples of street art (the kind that poke the establishment in the eye, kick em in the knees, grab their wallets from their pockets and run off down the street,) they are “art” and I did find them on the street.

And on a day like today, that’s good enough for me!

(Oh, and for bonus cheer up material, here’s a beautiful picture of a beach. There…things don’t seem quite so bad now, do they?)

Beach in the Grenadines

Disclosure: I visited St Vincent’s & The Grenadines thanks to Discover SVG. All random ramblings remain my own. As usual…as always.

What do you do when you could do with cheering up?

SJ November 6, 2012

If you have time, you really should make it to Carriacou and Union! :-)

    Abi King December 5, 2012

    Argh…Maybe next year!

Sofie November 6, 2012

Thanks for the beach picture!
It’s just what I needed with this cold and rainy weather.
hat I do when I need some cheering up? I go get social, plan a trip or just enjoy the ‘I want to wear trainers and hang on t he couch’ moment:-)

    Abi King December 5, 2012

    Yep, planning a trip works like a charm…

ANGLO/Dale November 7, 2012

Too many times I think I’ve walked past pieces like these without noticing them the world over. Really need to pay more attention.

These are truly terrific. Great eye.

    Abi King December 5, 2012

    Thank you – glad you appreciate them. My travelling companions tend to be more of the “what are you taking a photo of THAT for?” school of thought!

Kevin November 29, 2012

I love stuff like that in towns because it gives you a feel of how people advertised before there was the internet and TV. It makes these little towns so much more interesting.

    Abi King December 5, 2012

    I find them more eye-catching, too. Perhaps our minds have grown so accustomed to mass commercial marketing that the words and pictures no longer stand out as much as they used to.

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