Street Art in Valencia

By Abi King | Make Me Smile

Jun 30

Street Art in Valencia

Valencia has plenty of street art. Whether you think about it in conventional terms, conjuring up the “graffiti” from Bristol’s edgiest neighbourhood, or in alternative terms, paradoxically appreciating Valencia’s vast (and painstakingly designed) Arts and Sciences complex, or whether you confuse yourself with the labels since street art is supposed to be edgy and conventional is supposed to be…

Enough, already. I think too much.

For me, street art is something I see that makes me go “wow” as I walk around a place. Applying such stringent criteria, here’s some street art I’d like to share with you from the city of Valencia:

Valencia’s City of Arts & Sciences by Night

Valencia Street Art

Valencia – City of Arts & Sciences By Day

Street Art in Valencia’s Old City

More Arts & Sciences in Valencia

Street Art in the Old City, Valencia

Edgy or Conventional?

Street Art in Valencia – with @WildJunket

Valencia Street Art

Disclosure: some of these photos are from my first trip to Valencia; others are from a BlogTrip where I was invited as a guest of Land of Valencia. As ever, editorial control remains mine, all mine! You can read the exciting disclosure policy here if you’ve nothing better to do.

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