Sunday Soothing – The Shores of Playa Maya

By Abi King | Tempt Me

Mar 03

Playa Maya blue and white boatSometimes, you need to take the time to stop. To pause for breath. To fill your senses with everything that’s beautiful and to let the world’s cares, concerns and curmudgeonly characteristics sit sloppily in a pile to be dealt with tomorrow. When that happens, I wish I could transport you to the soul-drenching shores of the sweet Playa Maya, where white sands and near-white blue water work wonders on a pair of hunched shoulders, some gritted teeth and a furrowed brow.

Better yet, I’d join you there.

Playa Maya, Mexico

What I can do, though, is to try to make that coastline come alive tonight. To tell you about the fifty shades of blue that captured light like jewelry-box diamonds. The sand stealth-softened by the waves and the shrugs of seaweed that marked the doorway to danger: scorched soles only beyond this point.

Snorkel on Playa Maya Beach MexicoI’d share the ceviche – served fresh – that sang with sliced lime and lemon, among chopped chilli and razor-sharp triangles of tortilla.

I’d share the boats, painted blue and white and tethered to tree trunks chopped short in the sand.

And before you got too serious, I’d share the sight of two tourists jumping high with emotion if low on coordination.

And by the end of all that, I’d hope that you stopped, just for a moment, to smile as you looked at the full week ahead.

Happy Sunday everyone. Here’s to an interesting and inspiring week ahead.

Playa Maya boat tethered on beach

Abi at Riviera Maya

We should both have both knees bent. One of us got it wrong. That’s right. That was me. The other was the lovely Isabelle from BeachThursday


This trip to Mexico came about thanks to the gorgeous Hotel Viceroy Riviera Maya with flights from British Airways. The hotel offers a picnic package direct to Playa Maya (although they have access to a lovely beach of their own as well.) Find out more details on their site – or else check back here for more about my time there. As ever, I was free to write about whatever I liked, especially the bad stuff. Unfortunately for me, the only bad stuff on this particular excursion was my ill-timed leap into the air. Ah well, serves me right. I am the wrong side of 30 after all! Anyway, enough of all that. Back to the photos of a beautiful beach:

Playa Maya beach with boat

BeachThursday March 4, 2013

Wonderful post. I agree, we should make more time to smell the roses or like you said it so eloquently: “To fill your senses with everything that’s beautiful”. Thank you for sharing that funny photo of us, it sure brings back lovely memories!

    Abi King March 27, 2013

    Glad you like it!

August Samora March 12, 2013

This place is beautiful and I also love mexican foods. Thanks for sharing this.

    Abi King March 27, 2013

    You’re welcome. I hope it brought you some peace.

Nicole July 27, 2013

Never heard of Playa Maya, but looking at a map I guess it is by Playa Del Carmen in Riviera Maya, which is where we always travel to when going to Mexico. Learn something new every day! Love the pictures and can’t go wrong traveling to that area. Ready to go back after seeing the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    Abi King July 30, 2013

    Ah, glad to show you something new then! Yes, I love it. Also ready to go back!

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