Table Top Dancing on Table Mountain

By Abi King | Inspire Me

Apr 09

Table Mountain in the CloudsThis is Table Mountain, Cape Town.

One of Africa’s most iconic landmarks, one of Africa’s most iconic cities.

Now, many a city has a good spot for a view. The Sydney Opera House for instance. The Eiffel Tower isn’t all that bad. But few have a view that can erase the memory of the concrete buildings set below by surrounding the viewer with beauty.

Empty, natural beauty.

Lion's Head seen from Table Mountain

Table Mountain, South Africa

Table Mountain has sloping edges. A wide, broad base that blends in to its many different suburbs, its many melting, blurring identities. Black, white, coloured, rich, poor, messy, Masi, broken, braai, hipster, history, slavery, sloaney, rockstar, lonestar and a damn fine samosa.

But from the top of Table Mountain, at times all you can see is moss, cloud, grass, rock and empty, empty air perhaps morphing into the edge of a dream as it falls to meets the sea, flowing into the waves that skim past the tip of Africa and on towards Antarctica.

To the sea from Table Mountain

Clouds from Table Mountain

The first time I stood here, many years ago, the sun shone and so did my soul with the promise of life that lay ahead.

This time, it is cold and the scent of snow whispers in my ears

My soul has shed a few stars, earned some careworn scars and yet…

Air bites and snarls and prowls around and the clouds rise like muted rainbows

Abi King on Table MountainMy soul still shines with the promise, no make that now the hope, of the life that lies ahead

And since here is so empty

And no-one is watching

I remember that old saying

And dance

Moonlight from Table Mountain

Disclosure – I’ve travelled to Cape Town several times, sometimes on my own and sometimes as a guest of GoToSouthAfrica or the Cape Town Tourism Board. All words, opinion and dances when no-one is watching are my own…as ever, as always.

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