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Table Top Dancing in A Soulful Way

This is Table Mountain, Cape Town. One of Africa’s most iconic landmarks, one of Africa’s […]

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Speeding lights in Paris

In Paris: There is More to Life than…

In Paris: There is More to Life Than… Well, dear readers, right now I am […]

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Ugly Is In The Eye of the Beholder

I like trains, I really do. Given the right conditions, I love train travel. But, […]

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Sleeping in Poetry – A Night in an Ice Hotel

Why would you sleep in an ice hotel? Why would you sleep in an ice […]

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In India: Learn as if you were to live forever…

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live […]

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Cape Town Rainbow

Why South Africa Is Called the Rainbow Nation

Why South Africa is called the Rainbow Nation I’m in South Africa right now and […]

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Children in Burma or Myanmar

In Burma, Everything’s Golden

Is it Burma or Myanmar? I arrived under cover of darkness. Deep, night, darkness. I […]

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Sunset over a temple in China

Around Asia with Architecture

That gorgeous buttercup-yellow sunset above (over here if you can’t see it on your gadget-y […]

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Snowy rooftops in Krakow

A Song in the Snow – Photos of Krakow from the Sky

It only takes two hundred and thirty nine steps to reach a completely different city. To reach a song from the past that hauntingly blends with the snow that falls without sound.

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Moving house crab in the Maldives

Moving House…

Today I moved house. And as I clamber over cardboard boxes in search of tea […]

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Great Travel Photography

And so I have travelled around the world through other people’s photos, drunk and giddy with power to begin with before becoming rather overwhelmed by all the talent out there by the end…

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It’s Not Easy Seeing Green

The time has come, however, for me to make my choice and announce the winner of the “green” category. I dreamed of writing about chlorophyll, the pigment that gives nature its very green colour and that also helps create oxygen and sugar from sunlight and water. Then, Kermit the frog popped into my head…

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blue Loch Ness Monster

Five Travel Photos to Brighten Up Your Day

Whether you simply love looking at travel photos or are intrigued by the chance to […]

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Yellow - Capture the colour

Stop What You’re Doing And Look At These

A sneaky peek at some of the best travel photographs on the web as part of the Capture the Colour photography competition…

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sunrise kakadu

Sunrise in Kakadu, Australia

Right now I’m at the airport, dashing to repack and catch my flight. Shorts and…

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Atlantis found002

Atlantis Found – The Ties Between Three Islands

The truth behind the photos at Atlantis…

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Photos of colour red

Photos of Colour – You Don’t See What You Think You See

Can you really trust your eyes when it comes to colour?

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Barcelona and the Sands of Time

Today, I arrived in Barcelona. It’s not my first time but it has been a long time. And things have changed…

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The Sounds of the Sand Dollar Orchestra, The Grenadines

A surprise encounter in the Grenadines…

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@IsabellesTravel at the Bequia Beachfront Hotel

Dipping My Toes in The Grenadines

This week, I’ve been dipping my toes in the Caribbean waters of the Grenadines. St Vincent and the Grenadines to give its full title – and since St Vincent’s is the main island it seems almost disrespectful not to.

To locals, however, St Vincent’s is Vincy and the whole speckled island flock goes by the name of…

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