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7 of The Best Travel Apps

It’s hard to believe that when I started travelling, not only did we not have […]

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Upper House Orchid

The Upper House, Hong Kong: A Luxury Hideaway With Views of the City

Hong Kong excels at two levels: on the ground amid the colours, the chaos, and […]

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Budapest baths

The 50 Best Travel Websites

I’ve spent the best part of the day zig-zagging through various travel websites, trying to […]

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Dawn over Kakadu

Kakadu Park: Smoke, Art & Crocodiles

Kakadu. The sound is soft yet distinctive, like a bird call that rolls and unfolds across the willows and the reeds, the waters, the low and smoky air, to reach me on the scrunched and scorched soil. On the earth that is itself Kakadu.

The word…

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Breathing In the Atlas Mountains

Sometimes I dream that I am falling. Apparently, everyone does. But more often than that…

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Driving in Morocco

Driving in Morocco

It’s an inauspicious start. No map. No SatNav. No cash – my very last dihram cleared out by the unexpected fuel charge.

No internet access to check the route. No signal on my iPhone. Just a pen, a scrap of paper and a hastily scribbled map, uneven streaks of biro connecting Moroccan towns that appeared on a picture in the hotel lobby.

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The Sounds of the Sand Dollar Orchestra, The Grenadines

A surprise encounter in the Grenadines…

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Cuddly currywurst in Berlin

The Berlin Wall – The Unheard Story

The final instalment of the Iron Route Journey. East, West, Good, Bad, Win, Lose, Draw.

Another look at 1989.

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Polish football scarf

The Ghosts of the Beautiful Game

You don’t need me to tell you that football’s popular around the world. But as Poland gears up for Euro 2012, here’s why I’m laying my ghosts to rest…

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Break it down and take it with you

The Day I Held the Iron Curtain In My Hand

Sometimes things go wrong in life. The printer at the car hire company breaks, the sat nav doesn’t work, the

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Finally we tore it down - iron curtain logo in Budapest

The House of Terror in Budapest

I stand in the queue, a man turns me back.

I stand in another queue. Alone, in silence

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Siniyet Kafta early stages Jordanian Food

Jordanian Food: Sumac, Spice & Slice

The older I get, the more I enjoy cooking classes. With an opening statement like that, I’m in danger of

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What is the iron curtain

The Cold War, the Iron Curtain & Somewhere In Between

Cold War. Iron Curtain.

Four words, two phrases, several meanings.

When I went to school, a third of the world lived under “communist” rule. Travel was restricted…

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Petra, Jordan

The Horses of Petra, Jordan

Dust rose from the ground as the horse thundered past and the sun began its ablutions. It painted pinks and pomegranates, amber, pistachio, charcoal and soft apricot rust across the walls of Petra before calling it a day and turning in for an early night…

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Italian foods chocolate cake trieste

Sweet Treats & Sauerkraut: Three Flavours of Trieste, Italy

Italian food. There was a time when I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about, but I can barely remember that now. The moment my train slowed to a stop in Trieste (and, if I’m honest, quite a while before that) my daydreams wandered…

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Trieste: Italy’s Dark Piece of Iron Curtain History

Trieste, Italy Behind me, I know that sapphire lights stud their way across the stone. […]

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About Istanbul Sky View

About Istanbul: Crossing Between Europe & Asia

A man casts a glance over his shoulder before arching back and casting his line into the water. The street chatter and rush hour traffic drown out the subtle splash but from the look on his face, you’d think he stood alone in the countryside, miles from anyone, miles from anywhere.

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Enburi ribbons at a winter festival

Hot Octopus & Straw Shoes: Winter Festivals in Japan

Whenever I feel the cold breath of winter on my neck as autumn runs out of time, my tastebuds turn to octopus, the signature dish at…

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Desroches Island Flower

Desroches Island – Raindrops in the Seychelles

Rain. When I first arrived on Desroches Island, the rain stalked and prowled and lurked around like the relentless soundtrack from a gothic horror film. Yet all the malevolence and theatre of the sky couldn’t…

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Hot Air Balloon Fire

Fire, Frost & Floating Across Volcanoes – A Hot Air Balloon Ride in Spain

A number of things are wrong. To begin with, I’m standing in a field surrounded by darkness, my mind pulling the duvet covers back over its head and mumbling into its pillow. Second, I’m…

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