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Catalonia near Tamariu

Cuban Songs & Independence in Catalonia

The song sounded soulful but also a little sad. The man’s voice, with a tremor likely absent in his youth, addressed the crowd as though we were but one.

One person. A girl. A friend. A home. I couldn’t quite be sure, losing words as they…

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Coloured houses in Girona as Catalonia campaigns for independence and the use of the word "home"

Girona: Short and Sweet

I love the medieval city of Girona, although a city this size scarcely seems large […]

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El celler sweets

Eating By Numbers: El Celler de Can Roca

In the space of five minutes, we’ve travelled through five countries: Mexico, Peru, Lebanon, Morocco and Korea.

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One Hundred and Sixty Eight Hours Later

Barcelona’s beachfront reveals what a difference a week can make…

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Provocative Photography

A glimpse at the vivid colours and fierce expressions in the Steve McCurry exhibition in […]

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Barcelona and the Sands of Time

Today, I arrived in Barcelona. It’s not my first time but it has been a long time. And things have changed…

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Pizza Ideas - Pizza in a glass

P-P-Pizza Ideas: The World’s Most Creative Pizzeria

“I’m not a cook. I’m a fixer man.”

It’s a striking opening line from anyone, but coming from Fabián Martín, it sounds particularly ominous…

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Spanish Artists - Olympic Sculptures

Spanish Artists – Capturing the Olympics

A man and a woman walk hand in hand through the speckled sunshine in Olot, Catalonia…

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Canyon Video with Canyoning Girls

The Canyon Video: Adrenaline, Neoprene & Plenty of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Just when you think you’ve done it all (Well most of it. A lot. At least half. OK, so some adventures at least) along comes something new. Welcome to canyoning…

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Hot Air Balloon Fire

Fire, Frost & Floating Across Volcanoes – A Hot Air Balloon Ride in Spain

A number of things are wrong. To begin with, I’m standing in a field surrounded by darkness, my mind pulling the duvet covers back over its head and mumbling into its pillow. Second, I’m…

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Hot Air Balloon clouds photo

Hot Air Balloon Pictures – Above the Clouds in Spain

For years, the British weather thwarted my dream of floating above the earth in a hot air balloon. Today,

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Pizza in glass Fabian Martin in Catalonia

Adventure in the Pyrenees

Spain has more than one surprise tucked up its Mediterranean sleeve. In addition to the celebrated flamenco of the south, the controversial…

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Marmite & Bananas in the World’s Best Restaurant

Ferran Adria, head chef at the world’s best restaurant, talks about women, words and how bloggers are changing gastronomy.

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Inside the World’s Best Kitchen

I’m in the El Bulli restaurant in northeast Spain being totally, thoroughly and utterly ignored – which is just the way I like it.

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Inside the World’s Best Restaurant

The world’s best restaurant – that’s how it was billed. Not just by the Costa Brava Tourist Board, who invited me there, but the prestigious S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant Award went to El Bulli no less than a record five times.

At first the cynic in me stirred.

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Orange Fans in Girona's Flower Festival

Fresh & Funky: Girona’s Flower Festival

Take one city that oozes with medieval charm and Mediterranean style, throw in hundreds of thousands of petals and then let creativity run wild. The result is the Temps de Flors, or Festival of Flowers, in Girona. Every year,

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First photo about tandem skydive with aeroplane

Skydiving: My First 60 Second Freefall

“Bend your knees,” he says and I have to obey. From behind, he pulls the strap until

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Mushroom Vodka in the Mountains

What really made me sit up and take notice, though, was the mushroom liquor – some sort of home brew…

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The Shadow of the Wind: A Book Review

Set in the streets of Barcelona around the time of the Civil War, The Shadow of the Wind delivers poetic melancholy, gothic..

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Crema Catalana Recipe: When Burning Food Is Good

Crema catalana is often described as a Catalan crème brûlée, a dessert with a rugged, citrus twist on the delicate French classic. But don’t be fooled by the apparent resilience of this custard dish. The…

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