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Culture. Difficult to define at times, Inside the Travel Lab talks about the traditions, customs, ideas and flavours that characterise a people or a place.

ICJ in shadows The Hague

I’ll See You In The Hague

A city with the charm of Frankfurt, the friendliness of Paris and the culture of […]

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Central Amalfi

When Life Hands You Lemons…

Lemons. They’re all over the place in the narrow streets of olive and stone-soaked Amalfi. […]

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And So I Walked the Path of the Gods, Italy

Right now I’m in Sorrento. It’s a multicoloured town that clings to the hills and […]

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The Ice Palace Underground

High on a mountaintop yet far underground lies an frosty, wintry, rub-your-eyes-with-childlike-wonder honest to god […]

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The Land of A Thousand Christmas Trees

Or…The Parish of Around About (But We’re Not Quite Sure) 100 Christmas Trees. Let’s face […]

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The Man Who Makes Baubles for the Pope

Weinachtsbaumschmuckausstattungsgeschäft. At 40 letters long, Weinachtsbaumschmuckausstattungsgeschäft’s the longest word there is, at least on the snowy-sweet streets of Basel. And while…

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Team GB book

Just What I Think About the Olympics

Ready, Set… Boom. The London 2012 Olympics are here. I watched the flames fill each […]

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Barcelona and the Sands of Time

Today, I arrived in Barcelona. It’s not my first time but it has been a long time. And things have changed…

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Cuddly currywurst in Berlin

The Berlin Wall – The Unheard Story

The final instalment of the Iron Route Journey. East, West, Good, Bad, Win, Lose, Draw.

Another look at 1989.

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Umbria - Assisi

Visiting Umbria

Umbria, Cumbria. How one little letter changes muddy, murky mulch into overflowing olive groves.

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Big Ben at night - seen from the River Thames

Audio On Travel & Philosophy at the LSE

How do we know when we’ve arrived when we travel? Because we recognise the image we’ve already seen. We think we’re chasing new experiences but we’re actually chasing our memories.” Dr Gillespie

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Break it down and take it with you

The Day I Held the Iron Curtain In My Hand

Sometimes things go wrong in life. The printer at the car hire company breaks, the sat nav doesn’t work, the

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Travel Slow Italy Lake

Life in the Slow Lane – Slow Italy

You know it comes to something when your own computer tells you to slow down (Wordpress, my blogging platform, often thinks I type too fast.) Now it turns out there’s a book that’ll tell you to do the same thing.

Go slow.

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What is Communism? Prague Tries to Explain…

It was the second time I’d stood on the banks of the Vltava River in Prague, watching the

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Street Art in Prague: The John Lennon Wall

Who needs cobbled streets and medieval mysteries when you can have psychedelic colours, wonky lines and hearts full of passion?

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Budapest Parliament. This Is What Democracy Looks Like

You have to put yourself in my shoes.

Boots, really, with thick rubber soles to keep out the cold and to keep a foothold on the ice. Boots that worked hard and worked fast, striding between commuters in a winter-worn Budapest. Five feet, six inches above them, a troubled mind tangled through what it had just seen.

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How to make candy - heart

How to Make Candy – Sugar Lessons in Sweden

Picture the scene. You’re walking through a Swedish market, your young daughter holding your hand. She sees row upon row of sweet candy canes, bright luminescent swirls of sugar and mint that gleam in scarlet and white, holly leaf green and ivy, forming…

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Seville photos street

Finding Forgotten Details – Seville Photos

I’ve been away from Seville for a long time. Not long enough to forget the sharp near salty tang of the local fino sherry, that bitter sensation that once warmed my throat like turpentine before seducing me with its subtler flavours. Not long enough to forget the…

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Infamous Bison Vodka (2)

Goodbye Kangaroo, Hello Bison

As I come to the end of my time in Sydney, I’m thinking about my next stop: Warsaw in Poland. And I’m just wondering whether I’ll find Bison Vodka there, as I did in Krakow.

That’s vodka served with a blade of grass.

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Wieliczka Salt Mine Staircase

Secrets in Salt: The Wieliczka Salt Mines

“Are you ready?” asks Christopher, a guide from the nearby village of Wieliczka. He’s cloaked in a long charcoal jacket and blowing on his hands to keep warm. For a giant-sized man, he uses a soft voice. “Because once we start, I will not be able to talk to you. And you will not be able to turn back.”

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