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Fresh travel stories from Florida, the Sunshine State.

Sunsets in the Sunshine State

Here on Inside the Travel Lab, I pride myself on bringing you thought-provoking, thoroughly researched

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bird Sanctuary close up

The Eye of the Ibis – Inside a Bird Sanctuary

Birds. With one stretch of their wings they can soar and glide through the sky with a majesty and freedom that man (and woman) can still only dream of. They are majestic, magnificent and make driving home for Christmas seem insignificant when compared to their staggering migratory paths.

They also freak me out…

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Abigail King in an underwater video

Underwater Videos: Testing the Olympus TG-610

As it turns out, once you’ve made the jump (ahem) into the water to take still photos with a piece of technology, it’s then very easy to switch to the video mode and…

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Owl in Florida - closeup

A Wise Owl…And A Cheeky One

At the Laura Quinn bird sanctuary in Florida, I was leaning in for a closer shot when all of a sudden this happened…

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A Moment of Silence

Tomorrow begins another adventure. Of course, in a way, that’s true for everyone on every single day. Today, though, I’m talking about the next few months of travel, work, play and everything in between. Of airports and…

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Blue Heaven & Blueberry Pancakes – Brunch in the USA

Great tingling tastebuds, do Americans know about food. Yes, it’s easy to knock the hamburger, the behemoth “sodas” and the rather strangely named corn dog. The portion sizes may overwhelm and…

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Not Quite Swimming With Dolphins

As a child, I always wanted to swim with dolphins. And if I’m honest, a

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Painting sunset in Key West

The Sun Never Sets in Key West

The sun that sets in Key West is not subtle. It flames across the sky, capturing clouds in its blaze of amber, scarlet and peach, drawing their lilac-grey sighs into a resplendent performance…For all the colourful language, it’s true…

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Leaping dolphin in FLorida Keys Dolphin Sanctuary

Leaping Dolphins in the Florida Keys

Dolphin Research Sanctuary, Florida Keys Part of this week’s photo safari through the Florida Keys. […]

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Fork supported contaner at Camille's Brunch Restaurant in Key West

Brunch at Camille’s in Florida’s Key West

Key West Brunch Creativity, pancakes, maple syrup and a lot of coffeee… Part of this […]

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zebra fish underwater in the Florida Keys

Underwater in the Florida Keys

The View Underwater

Part of this week’s photo safari through the Florida Keys…Words to follow…

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Sunset at Key West

The view five minutes ago from Sunset Key, Florida

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The Old Man & The Sea

Street Performer in Mallory Square, Key West at Sunset

I’m travelling through the Floriday Keys this week and, as an experiment, I’ll bring you a photo each day to give you a flavour of…

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