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Oct 12

Three Reasons to Travel to Latvia

By Abi King | Europe

Close Your Eyes and Think of Latvia If I asked you, without pause for a heartbeat, what first comes to mind when you think of travel to Latvia, I wonder what I’d hear. Would you feel the salt lick of spray from the ocean, feet squeezing soft sand beneath them? Would you see willows at […]

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Feb 11

Quick and Easy Authentic Gazpacho Recipe

By Abi King | Tempt Me

Missing Gazpacho I’ve Spain on the brain at the moment and I blame my job. Or the weather. Or the realisation that it’s been two years already since I moved from the sunlit skies of Seville, with its orange blossom streets and scorched olive grove parks, to the cold and clouded skies of Britain. (Two […]

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Jan 25

3 Easy Malaysian Recipes

By Abi King | Malaysia

Cooking in Malaysia Let’s get one or two things clear right from the start. I love cooking but I’m hardly a chef. I love food but I’m hardly a connoisseur (I still can’t tell my kaffir from my Persian when it comes to types of limes and I’ve long since abandoned knowing my Jersey Royal […]

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Dec 03

Madrid’s Oldest Chocolatería

By Abi King | Tempt Me

Tasting churros and chocolate at the oldest chocolatería in Madrid Churros y chocolate Churros y chocolate, you either love it or you hate it as the marmite ad says. But (as I suspect is the case for marmite too) if you hate it, it’s probably because you’re doing it wrong. Bad churros is flaccid and stodgy. […]

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Nov 25

Maultaschen: A Surprise Find in Austrian Dining

By Abi King | Tempt Me

  Dining out in Austria Hot on the heels of my pine-scented gastronomy adventure in South Tyrol…I crossed the border into Austria where it’s Tirol with an “i.” Now Austria, unlike Italy, doesn’t quite have worldwide fame when it comes to talking about food. Wiener Schnitzel and the Sound of Music To the uninitiated, when people […]

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Nov 19

A Singapore Sandwich

By Abi King | Make Me Smile

One of the best things about a visit to Singapore, so the world tells you, is the chance to taste its food. Flavours from India, China, the Malay, remnants from Britain, influxes from almost everywhere else plus an infusion of unmistakably Singaporean identity line the stomachs as the country prepares for its 50th birthday next […]

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Sep 14

With My Love, I Protect This Sausage

By Abi King | Make Me Smile

Sentimental and chivalrous may not be the first two words you think of when you hear the word Nuremberg. But you may change your mind once you hear about their sausages. Nuremberg Sausages Smaller than the average German wurst, in both length and girth, the Nuremberg sausage often arrives on heart shaped metal platters, in an uncertain […]

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Apr 17

The New Cupcake Quest

By Abi King | Behind The Scenes

I’m just back from Leipzig – and I have a new quest. Several serious business plans, a book idea or two, a shaping up manuscript and a project that’s so close to launching that my fingertips are dancing across the desktop, restless, excited, just waiting to be able to tell you what it is… But […]

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Mar 12

How To Make A Painkiller in the Caribbean

By Abi King | The Caribbean

It doesn’t take long to pick up on an island’s signature drink. A postcard here, an invitation there, a suggestion at the behest of a total stranger… “Would you like a sex on the beach?” is one way to get the conversation started. I’m never sure whether to feel uncomfortable about the unwarranted sexual overtures […]

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Oct 28

When Life Hands You Lemons…

By Abi King | Italy

Lemons. They’re all over the place in the narrow streets of olive and stone-soaked Amalfi. Lemons in baskets. Lemons on walls. Lemon shaped soap and even, if you look hard enough, lemons on trees. Lemons on aprons, lemons on beads. Lemons on menus and even on cheese. Yet for all the creative lemonery that Amalfi […]

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May 31

Rangoon’s Roadside Markets

By Abi King | Asia

Sunlight shifts over gold, silver and sapphires in the ordered, sheltered aisles of the covered Bogyoke Market in Yangon/Rangoon. Fabric folds and hand carved fans scent the air with jasmine, bringing a sense of quiet and relative wealth. But that’s not the market I’m going to show you today in Rangoon. I’m going to show […]

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